Variation in sessions

As someone relatively new to using the Aneros products (about 5ish months), I’m curious about other peoples experiences and how they go about sessions. Do you use a specific type of Aneros for a specific type of session? do you have preferred positions for different products? I for example prefer to be on my back during a session however it’s an awkward position for using the helix syn, while it works wonders when using the Eupho Trident, for the Syn I prefer being on my stomach or side. how often do you vary type usage or do you only stick to one. Do you use multiple products during a session?


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  1. Hmmm. You just had your first Super O, according to a previous thread. Why are you so concerned about everyone else’s session, etc? OP, concern yourself with the intricacies of YOUR energy flow, and not ANOTHER’s energy flow.

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