Thank you LSD!

Hi! I want to share my story with the Aneros.

I bought the Aneros Helix around two years ago and have used it intermittently since. In the first few weeks I had it, I used it a few times a week, but never actually got much from it. I did have some pleasurable experiences, but I think I never really put in enough time and effort to get further. I think I’ve used it around once per 1-2 months as of late.

The best sessions were after smoking weed, where I definitely got some p-waves at times and felt reasonably good. It finally clicked for me a few days ago after taking a pretty high dose of LSD.

I was a few hours into the LSD-session and decided to have an Aneros session to see how that would be on LSD, and let me tell you I’m so glad I did. It finally clicked for me. I had some really intense pleasure and my body was shaking all over. I lost sense of time (that might’ve been the LSD though) and enjoyed the ride for probably at least two hours. I decided to see how adding a small amount of weed would it, but I wasn’t able to get as much pleasure as I was having on LSD alone, so I stopped a while later.

Two days later, I decided to see if I’d be able to reproduce it without the LSD. I smoked some weed and got started. And yes, great news: I still got it! Surprisingly enough, it was even more intense than the LSD-session. I think the LSD helped me feel the pleasure and feel what was going on and enabled my brain to tune into it, and this ‘rewiring’ as I often see it being called stayed or even improved afterwards. Same deal the next day again, I didn’t want to wait two days and got right back into it. I initially tried it without smoking weed first, and it was definitely pleasurable, but not as pleasurable as when combining it with weed. I’m not sure if that’s just because it feels better with weed or because I need to get used to it, or I just needed to be patient.

I guess the moral of the story is… do drugs? Just kidding, but it really helped me, and I’m glad it did. If you have experience with psychedelics and feel comfortable doing them, I would definitely recommend giving them a shot. I’m probably going to repeat this in a few months when I’m more experienced with the Aneros and see what happens.



  1. Completely agree that LSD can help with the rewiring. It’s magical.

  2. Apply what you learn and try sober experiences as well. I have had some great mushroom trips combined with the aneros in the past and many great weed ones as well. The sober experiences are just as magical but that said I want to try an acid trip to see what it is like.

  3. Weed makes my experience with my aneros super intense…next level

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