Not a TO but I came

I have been working on my aneros for about 5 months. With family and kids I usually get 1, maybe 2 sessions a week in. I’ve been making progress. Definitely have an “awakening”. I can feel every inch of the aneros. I can control it pretty good. I have decent control of anal and pc muscles and can get a good pleasurable push pull together. I’ve had mini pleasure waves that leave me panting but they aren’t very long. However all in all I feel every session is getting better and better. I feel good about my progress.

However. Something happened yesterday and I’m confused about it.

I did NOT touch my penis.

I repeat, I did not touch my penis ever during my session. I was doing some PV and anal contractions. Laying on my back. Knees up. Holding. Feeling a nice Rub on my prostate. And very quickly it got more and more intense. I went from limp to rock hard in .00002 seconds. I started involuntary shaking. Then bucking. Breathing heavy. Omg. It was amazing. I had that feeling of before you cum for a good 90seconds. My body was flopping around like a fish. Then all of the sudden it hit a peak and full squirts of cum came out. It left me gasping and exhausted in bed. But. Mentally I was done.

So. I didn’t touch myself. But I had a traditional orgasm because I came and I was “done” after. What is this? Don’t get me wrong but damn if I could repeat the “feeling” I had before I shot, I may have unbottled the genie.

Though I didn’t touch myself, the shaking and bucking had my penis slapping against my body. Maybe that did it?



  1. It certainly sounds like a super-o that unfortunately turned into a TO.

    I dunno a few things could be at play. Not sure if you’re circumcised or not but if you are the friction with the skin and your stomach could have caused it.

  2. The HFWO could have possibly been triggered by pelvic floor tension. OP, Kegels can and will cause too much tension in the pelvic floor. If your pelvic floor remains too tense, you will more than likely only experience HFWOs. Cease with voluntary contractions (the push/pull), Kegels, etc. Let your body involuntarily govern the contractions. Be more passive and less active.

  3. Sounds like what I get. A good build up for what seems like forever, soft to hard fast full body o then lots of squirts. It happened to me last night. I am part time lock up and was 12 days in. I got permission to orgasm and took full advantage of it. Very deep orgasm . Felt so tired after. It’s the best .

  4. Sounds to me like you got the best of both worlds, it’s very possible to experience something similar in anal sex without ever having touched the penis. I definitely wouldn’t say you’re doing anything wrong without knowing more, people are just wired a little differently in experiences.

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