Have I Entered A So-Called NoFap “Flatline”?

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Currently, I am at Day 7 of SR and Day 40 of NoFap “P” (no Porn). I still ejaculate (me or my wife) to control the blue-balls. My night-time erections (NPTs) are still quite strong and persistent. But one aspect which seems to have changed is my libido throughout the day. Let me explain…..

The NoFap “Flatline”
Thanks to “Fapstronaut Maz20” for this concise discussion about the “flatline”—-

“Flatline is just the “limbo” state wherein (1) you’ve done NoFap/no-pmo long enough to be weaned away from it, but (2) at the same time, for whatever reason not compelled to gratify your sex drive otherwise by having actual sex.

*Edit — more background if necessary:
The purpose of nofap/no-pmo is to orient/reorient your sex drive to pursue actual sex instead of PMO.

To put it shorty, the problem with PMO is that it is technically “a” way of (somewhat) gratifying the sex drive. But, it is not “the” way 😉

Or, to put it more detail — sane people are generally aware of what is make-believe and what is not. Same with PMO — consciously, you know it’s not real. But, subconsciously (and sex drive is somewhat a subconscious thing anyway), pmo can have quite the “hallucinogenic” effect on your sex drive here — really blurring what is perceived as real, triggering things that should really only be triggered from actual sex (and/or the pursuit of it, etc…), thus ultimately “disorienting” you from it.

*P.S.: Of course, if you don’t intend to pursue actual sex, then nofap is virtually pointless. The reason I mention this is because it seems a surprisingly large amount of guys here who complain about various flatline symptoms are oddly enough *not* specifically also complaining about it interfering with their pursuit of actual sex. IMO, if you do intend to have actual sex, you’ll generally have no flatline to worry about 😉 .”

My Situation
Since I do not practice sex on a regular basis now, I kind-of fall into the latter category. But I still think it is a good thing to wean myself off of porn; it really isn’t that difficult (so far). I have also abstained from all forms of binaural beats as well. I think that they can also have a “hallucinogenic effect” on my sex drive so it would be best if I curtailed them.

As I already said, my libido during the day is now quite low, if non-existent. I don’t remember having a daytime erection in probably a week. Even my prostate seems to be taking a rest, hence I have not felt the need for an Aneros session in a while. All of the erection “action” now takes place at night. I still need to put-on a cup to quench the urge to rub-one-out and relapse. Will my interest in sex return? Of course it will, but it may take some time. I should be able to wait-it-out. It may be a week or two, or perhaps a month or two.

Wet Dream Watch
I still would like to achieve a wet dream (or two). But I don’t think I can abstain from ejaculating long enough to achieve one. Typically, I can last about 9 or 10 days before the blue-balls get the better of me. Then, I usually quickly rub-one-out (therapeutically and without much fanfare) or ask my wife to do the honors (longer-lasting and feels oh-so-good!) Either way, I don’t relapse my “P” streak of NoFap. I’ll keep trying, however, for a wet dream. That way, I can start a new NoFap “PMO” streak!….

Conclusion/Staying The Course
When I embarked on the NoFap “journey”, I knew that I would probably experience a ‘flatline’. But apparently, they are different for each guy. I hope mine is not too long; I was not a ‘heavy bater’ before I started semen retention and now NoFap P. So my “rewiring” should not be that lengthy, nor should it cause extreme flatline symptoms. Touche’.


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