What do you think about during a session?

I’ve been using the Progasm for a while and getting some pleasurable sensations, but I find that it’s kind of difficult to stay “aroused” and in the mood for an extended period of time, especially if the session drags on for a while.

I’m just wondering what other people think about during an Aneros session… do you think about something erotic? Do you imagine you’re in the act? Or do you treat it more like a massage and just concentrate on the pleasurable sensations?

As a gay man, it’s always tempting to think about anal sex, but there’s only so long I can keep myself “turned on” for if that makes sense…

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/bj4re9/what_do_you_think_about_during_a_session/


  1. What others experience is of no consequence to you. You must silence your mind. You must be in a constant state of balance. There is nothing for one to think about during a session. Are not thoughts distractions?

    There is no need to be turned on, as the mind is silent. There is no need to concentrate, as one is balance. There are no short cuts.

  2. It does make sense that in the beginning it is hard to stay turned on so I would keep my sessions short (one hour or less). The are a variety of ways to boast your arousal but those are for you to discover. I have used porn, mind movies, nipple stimulation and marijuana. Years down the road you will find that you really don;t have to do anything. In the meantime you could learn about meditation which really is the most important thing, it is beneficial in your everyday life as well as with the aneros.

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