Have been using the classic for years. Think I’d benefit from a different model. What do you reccomend?

Hey! So! I’ve been using the classic model on and off for maybe two or three years now! I’ve definitely learned a lot of my body. Not sure how the community would define it, but I’ve goteen as far as the feeling that I need to pee and shaking a lot. You might say I’m rewired to an extent.

Anyways, I’ve always had some complaints with my classic, and wondered if the design might be somewhat preventing me from getting my best O. I like size/stretch, and on top of that, my prostate is very small, so I find large ridges are the only thing that actually hit my p-spot. I know I’m going for subtle, but the classic is I think probbaly alittle too subtle to bring me over the edge.

Secondly, the perineum tab becomes an annoyance over time, usually pushing too hard against me or rubbing me until my skin becomes a little raw. I tend to put a folded square of TP between it and me before I play, but this only really stops the rubbing issue. It’s still pushing too hard, and in general is a distraction, and seems ineffective.

Lastly, I suppoe I’m curious about adding vibration! So yeah, anyone have any toy suggestions, Aneros or otherwise?

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  1. Hi! By classic, I assume you mean the Helix Classic? The tab is indeed a common complaint.

    If you want to go bigger, the four recommendations I would give are the Progasm, Progasm Jr., the Maximus Trident or the Vice.

    The Progasm is the largest model and I think the one you’re looking for. It’s an incredibly popular model. It has both a p-tab and a k-tab, but both are more small plastic balls and not thin tabs, do they don’t really cause any irritation. The Progasm Jr. is the same but slightly smaller. The Maximus Trident is similar to the Progasm, but has a different form, which is described on the website of Aneros as ‘a similar but less focused level of stimulation for a somewhat softer feel.’ The Vice is like the Progasm, but with a silicone exterior and vibrates. The Vice is pretty expensive though (you can buy almost all three of the other listed models for the price of the Vice).

    I would personally recommend the Progasm. It’s bigger than you’re used to now, but still very doable. I tried it for the first time a few days ago after also using the Helix for a while, never having tried any other larger toys before, and had no issues related to the size.

  2. I do like the ball tabs on my Progasm. Learn some meditation because it is more the mind then the tool.

  3. I’m like you was using the old Maximus for around the same amount of time, I received the Helix Syn Trident yesterday and last night was really impressed with it over the Maximus.

    The biggest issue I had as well was with the P-tab, the new one I never felt and discomfort with it or the new K-tab on it, it actually seemed to keep the toy lined up. And having both tabs be flexible most have helped with the comfort.

    It is a little bit smaller but I feel like it’s much more better than the beefer Maximus it’s like it was able to move around more easier.

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