Nipple play?

I don’t feel any type of arousal or good feelings when I touch them, however they do pop out when stimulated.

I see some people say that after a while of playing that they become sensitive but how many people have tried but never became sensitive?

And to those who like it, how exactly does it feel?



  1. I didn’t understand the appeal of nipple play for a long time and then all of a sudden one day it just clicked for me. I continued playing with them when I jerked off and they continued getting more and more sensitive. I swear now they’re just as sensitive as my cock and I can cum hands free just working them.

    In regards to how it feels….feels almost exactly like I’m stroking my cock….just not my cock. They’re literally connected right to my balls. I now find myself reaching for my nipples before I reach for my cock because it just feels that good….and I have a pretty sensitive cock too.

    Experiment with different ways of playing with them…..pinching them, lightly rubbing circles around them, tapping them. I’d also recommend just playing nipples for a bit-leave your cock alone and just focus getting there with your nipples….I promise it will eventually start to feel great.

  2. It takes quite a bit of time to be able tune into nipple stimulation but once you have you can trigger all types of good feelings including triggering super O’s. Many guys find that there nipples come online when they start having supper O’s.

    Of course orgASSmo the magnificent will say, one needs no crutches, nipple play is not needed, one only has to still ones mind to bla bla bla……..

  3. My nipples were never sensitive. All my life. Then after I was able to achieve a super-O they became more and more sensitive. Now they are kind of the catalyst to my sessions.

    It basically feels like a amplifier for the prostate sensations.

  4. I can and do regularly masterbate by simply playing with my left nipple and cum every time. Only the left nipple and nothing else.

    Super convenient.

  5. The sensitivity builds up over time. New connections in the brain form over time with continued stimulation. Technically you could do this with any part of the body, but yes, the nipples are an erogenous zone. Keep at it and one day it’ll just click for you. Good luck!

  6. For me it was something that became better over time, though I can’t remember exactly how I got started. When I do play with my nipples, it feels like pleasurable waves in the prostate, and has helped me achieve what I think were multiple dry O’s

  7. I am agree with the other people comments: don’t worry about them and enjoy the sensations you body give you. Nipple pleasure is too subtle, but once you begin to feeling, it would be better and better.
    The key is be relaxed, focus on the pleasure your body give, avoid expectatives and use diferent kind of strokes continuously.

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