Is the Eupho worth the money?

It’s been months since I started this journey, but I haven’t reached the “super-o”. I have the Helix Trident and the Progasm. The Helix Trident does nothing for me, I don’t feel anything; it’s like it’s not there. The Progasm has brought me close to the “super-o”, but no sucess. Lately, I’ve been reading about guys who’ve had a “super-o” with the Eupho, but it looks skinny so I guess for me it will be like the Helix. So the question is for those that reached the “super-o” with the Eupho: why do you think the Eupho helped you reach the “super-o”? How do you compare it with other models? Thanks in advance!



  1. I really like it, it’s super manueverable. Good change of pace from the others you have.

  2. If you don’t like the Helix, then you might not like it. Something suggests you just need more time, experimentation, and practice. When you have the Eupho is definitely worth it.

  3. The Eupho really helped train my muscles and put me on the path towards dry O’s

  4. I would say if you have better success with a bigger model I wouldn’t go with the Eupho. I would try the Prograsm Jr. It has decent size but also keeps some room for movement inside you.

  5. In my book, the Eupho trident is THE best aneros…. for me it blew the Helix, Progasm and even Maximus (previous favorite) out of the water.

    I don’t know your particular situation, but I learned to get my first super os with the the Helix and Progasm and really got into it with the Maximus. I threw the others away, they seemed boring and clunky. Now with the Eupho, the MT seems clunky lol. There are a couple of things that are true almost 100% of the time:

    -size does not really matter

    -starting with a “medium” to “large-ish ” model is almost always easier before moving to the smaller ones.


    I agree with the other commenters. Get the Progasm Jr.

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