“Oh, Jock!”

I have recently ‘rediscovered’ my regular jockstrap collection which consists mostly of swimmer’s jocks. I used to wear them all the time while swimming daily. It wasn’t so much to control my erections, but rather to remain ‘modest’ if I were to get one while in the pool. About a year ago, I decided to forgo the jocks and just wear my jammers. But some of these jammers will not hide nor hold an erection all too well. I am tempted then to start wearing a jock under my jammers again!

I am currently at Day 3 of SR and Day 88 of NoFap ® PMO. I will discount the recent ‘edging’ session/fantasy I experienced as a relapse since I believe that I had exited my ‘flatline’ and that activity was just a manifestation of my body’s returning back to a more normal libido. That feeling persists today; let me explain…..


While I still enjoy wearing my jockstraps with cups, I find that wearing my regular jockstraps give me the opportunity to ‘test’ my erection through visual cues of my package and through light, delicate touches on the pouch to see what effect they can elicit. While doing this, I can’t help but fall-into a fantasy that it is actually a lover’s hand doing the exploring! Those light touches, even from my hand, can trigger an erection. This is an opposite, albeit more normal, sexual response than relying on porn or (in my case) binaural beats* for that erection. It is almost as if my cock is on a ‘hair-trigger’ for an erection now and that is the way it should work! After all, when a guy is in a situation where he ‘needs to perform’ with an erection, he does not want to think about whether he will get one or not, it should just be automatic! Any thoughts of ED should be put far-away out of his mind.

Even though I am still practicing semen retention (SR), I find that lately, due to my returning libido, I feel like I could easily ejaculate every 2-3 days if I want. Of course, I would rather not, but sometimes, in the heat of the moment, and depending on circumstances, an ejaculation is the most appropriate response.


My last therapeutic Aneros session was 4 days ago (with the HIH 950). Very early this morning, I had the urge for another session, this time with the MGX Classic (Strange how my prostate seems to ‘know’ what model of massager it wants even before I start). I just like the way the MGX feels. I like the ribbed stem’s feeling as it moves. This session lasted perhaps 25 minutes. Toward the end of the session, I was sure to perform the required minimum of 30 contractions/releases to beneficially exercise the prostate. I could feel it immediately.

Where Do I Go From Here?
It almost feels too good to be true with my returning libido. I am interacting freely with women (and men as well). I am feeling a ‘normal’ sexual response when it is appropriate. I don’t have to think twice about what is going to happen ‘down-there’; I just let nature take its course. Even though I just celebrated my 68th birthday, it just feels ‘great to be 28’ again! Touche’.


PS I just changed jocks: from my Omtex Splash swimmer’s jock to my ARMR cotton jock (with pouch). I slipped-in a spare Mueller cup and, oh-boy, what a feeling!

* Note: I have not listened to any binaural beats for 88 days and expect to continue to abstain from them as well as porn indefinitely.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/oh-jock/