HFWO Question

HFWO (Hands Free Wet Orgasm) for those that don’t know the acronym.

I have the MGX Trident model. I’ve felt some p-waves here and there, but it always ends in a HFWO with a rock hard dick. I don’t touch my dick at all when I have a solo session, and the end result always seems to be this.

My question is will a different aneros model do me any good as in different results super-o, etc?

I think I want to try the new Helix Syn Trident, but afraid of the same results.

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  1. I’ve only had 3 “orgasms” with mine in 6mo. Both HFWO. Once with a trident. Twice with a classic.

    I don’t think it’s the models. It’s just part of the rewiring and the process. Last one I had, was first a rock hard dry orgasm and then within 3 mins a HFWO. The other two times it was a sneak attack. Soft to hard in under 2 seconds and then whole body shakes, then cum.

    Don’t get me wrong, these HFWO are body rocking. However after a WO, the arousal disappears. I’m done.

  2. Always have dry orgasm. I don’t know why but want to have wet one and don’t know how. Tried almost all models already.

  3. I only have dry have dry super O’s, my only wet ones are usually more of a mini O and i will have 3 or 4 in a row. it’s alos only clear fluid not full on cum. I can then still finish with a traditional wet O via sex/masturbation or handjob.

  4. I’ve got the regular Helix and I’ve had HFWO pretty consistently for around a year. It’s usually getting aroused and then using my PC muscle to “bear down” that puts my over the edge. It’s the way I’ll usually end a session if I’m work up and out of time. In those instances I’ll touch myself till I’m hard, stop, find that position and bear down. Like others I don’t think it’s the model, think it’s the stimulation and “rewiring” not sure what it means a far as progress, but at least it’s HF?

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