“It’s All For Prostate Health!”

[This blog was inspired by @Lth0ms0n, thanks!]

I had read an interesting question on the Forum from @Lth0ms0n this morning, having to do with involuntaries. What are they? And that got me interested and intrigued. So the next thing I know, I am prepping for a ‘therapeutic’ session with the HIH 950. Here are the details……

I am currently in Day 9 of SR with no hint of blue balls (yet). I am also into Day 49 of NoFap ®. I’ve only had an occasional ejaculation, about every 10 days to control my blue balls. Other than that, no masturbation for me, period. And no porn, ever again. But I still need to keep my prostate healthy. So this morning, I got ready for a nice session with the 950. I was already wearing my Mueller cup to prevent an unintentional ejaculation; it worked. I lubed-up with SSG not only the massager but my opening as well (it made a big difference!)

I started-out on my side. Before too long, while just relaxing and performing the ‘do-nothing’ technique, I began to feel a ‘twitch’ deep-down in my prostate. No, it did not feel like a fatigued-muscle spasm since I had just started the session. But it was something I just could not control. Around the same time, I remember, I had this erection develop as well as an uncontrollable whole-body ‘shudder’, almost like a jolt of electricity running all through me. Let’s not mince words here; these actions were ENTIRELY out of my control! And that IMHO is the essence of involuntaries—-by definition*, you do NOT CONTROL them! Just as you are ‘forced’ to excrete waste by involuntary muscular contractions in your colon, you are likewise ‘forced’ to experience the nuanced ‘pleasures’ of a prostate massage.

As I started-out on my right side, I decided to seek another position, first on my left side, then on my back. Since the 950 is designed to nestle deeply in the crease, there is no interference with either the P-tab or the round ‘handle’. And with each new position came a new round of pleasureable yet involuntary contractions. At one point, I felt a distinct ‘pump’ of fluid emanating from deep within and terminating at the tip of my cock. Ohh, what a nice feeling! I started moaning, but really wanted to scream!

This session was a full 30 minutes long, longer than most I have had with the 950. And one more thing—-I almost ‘forgot’ that I needed to perform at least 30 full contract-and-release cycles with the 950 for my prostate’s health. To do this, I pushed-out on the massager so that there was a definite ‘rocking’ of it around the P-tab; but due to the tapered design of the 950, there was no chance that it would be expelled. Then, a few seconds later, I contracted those same anal muscles and re-pivoted the massager around the P-tab. With each successive cycle, I felt pressure on my prostate and ever-so-much-closer to an ejaculation! What a feeling! I honestly would have welcomed an ejaculation at this point—-it too would have been a HFWO and entirely hands-free!

So I experienced mostly “involuntary” pleasure from this prostate massage session. I believe that it what it should feel like. Not forced, just enrobed in the most satisfyingly sexual feeling a guy could ever want. When the orgasm is separated from the ejaculation, and the orgasm can continue for many minutes at a time, what better feeling could there be? After all, as I recall the history of Aneros, the Aneros line was developed after the original High Island Health line, due to the seeming pleasurable effects of a healthy, therapeutic prostate massage. And that takes me full-circle with this session! Touche’.

*Definition of involuntary:
1: done contrary to or without choice
3: not subject to control of the will : REFLEX

I will also refer the reader to the Aneros Wiki: “involuntary contraction”.

PS Following this session, I am now experiencing a nice Aless—more than usual. This is probably due to the increased length of this session and also due to the prostate stimulation I received from it.

PS I want to ejaculate in the worst way now. Due to NoFap ® I am experiencing erections much more easily than ever. So even while wearing my ‘chastity cup’, my cock is not entirely flaccid within it! Since I do not have any blue-balls feeling (yet), I need to ‘stay-the-course’. The only logical way out of this feeling is a wet dream or sex! My-my!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/its-all-for-prostate-health/