Can I “Jump-Start” My Exit From Flatline?

Currently, I am at day 6 of SR and 84 days of NoFap ® PMO. I am thinking I should be ‘exiting’ a flatline soon. Is there a way that I can try to hasten the exit? This is what I explored this morning. Let me explain…..

I had a great therapeutic session with the HIH 950. Lasting about 25 minutes, I had put-on my rarely-used Bike hard cup. It just felt right so I proceeded. This was a good, therapeutic session. I followed instructions to the max: relax for about 10 minutes then finish-up with about 30 or 40 anal contractions. When this session was over, I felt energized and empowered to take-on the day.

Exit Flatline?
I continued to wear my Bike cup for a while this morning, but then I got an urge to switch to my “Duke” swimmer’s jockstrap. What effect would this have? I was curious. Fortunately, I did not experience an immediate erection like I thought I would. Rather, the regular jockstrap felt good. I am able to ‘feel’ my package through the mesh. Do I feel any different? Well, yes and no. Physically, I don’t feel any different. But mentally, I am quite prepared for an impending erection and the feelings that accompany it. (This could be analogous to foreplay before sex).

Wearing regular jockstraps is quite common for some guys. In fact, they can and in fact do wear them instead of underwear. I like being able to ‘feel’ the growing bulge down-there! I like the support and the stimulation that the jock gives me. And the jock is able to keep me modest by retaining my erection. The best of both worlds!

Not Really Fapping?
Now, of course, wearing just a jockstrap while practicing NoFap ® can be a bit risky. I am all-too-prone to feeling and caressing my package when I am able, especially at night when the NPTs are prevalent. Sometimes, those touches can jump-start an erection. But is that such a bad thing if I am trying to exit a flatline? This is an intriguing possibility but I must always be vigilant not to carry this too far for fear of switching gears and actually masturbating then ejaculating. In that case, I would relapse and have to reset the calendar. Not what I want! So I’ll just be vigilant and eventually expect to resume wearing the cups. In the meantime, it is a welcome change-of-routine to become familiar once again with my regular jockstrap collection! Will this help me to exit a flatline sooner? I don’t know for sure but I probably will ‘model’ them all once again! Touche’.