“The Dual-Existence of the Athletic Cup: Are You Ready?”

[This blog was inspired by @BigGlansDC]

Am I coming out of a NoFap ® flatline? After this latest NPT erection, the answer could be ‘yes’! Let me explain…..

Waking up around 1:30 AM with an erection, I visited the lavatory. Upon returning to bed, I decided to put-on my SD 218 jock/cup and settle back-in for some sleep. Well, probably a couple of hours later, I was awakened, not for the lavatory, but with another moderate erection within the cup. But this erection felt different. You see, with each little ‘twitch’ of the buliding erection, or if I re-positioned my posture ever-so-slighly in bed, I felt very close to the PONR! This is what @BigGlansDC refers to as a ‘dalliance’*—an aptly-named word, for it felt for a while that I was having an affair…with my cock! How long did I stay at the PONR you may ask? I’m not entirely sure but I would bet at least a half-hour. Anytime then I felt like I could (or would) ejaculate….but didn’t. One thing I remember doing quite clearly is…..softly moaning! I mean, how could I not moan from the exquisite pleasure of remaining near the PONR?

This is a different kind of sexual feeling. During sex, that ‘close-to-the-PONR’ feeling lasts a while, feels great but almost always ends with an ejaculation. This ‘PONR-feeling’ is different. Although I FEEL like I am going to ejaculate, I CAN’T. It is the ultimate sexual TEASE. Almost like a hand-job given by a very adept partner who knows my response and makes sure to keep me just ‘South’ of an ejaculation! It is mind-blowing pleasure! And what makes this tease the ultimate pleasure is the very nature of the cup…..I am still unable to ‘finish-myself-off’ and that is extremely frustrating! I must wait-it-out until my erection subsides. Then I can cool-down and exit the ’PONR Temple’ and off the ‘Mount of Sexual Arousal’ (in @BigGlansDC terms).

So, am I exiting a “flatline”? Don’t know for sure, but I am anticipating greater things to happen! Touche’.


PS This PONR experience was caused by wearing a specific jock/cup combo: the SD 218 with Ultra Pro Carbon Cup. The strap is tight and the cup ‘fits’ my erection perfectly and causes just a bit of rubbing on the frenulum, hence, it is capable of inducing a feeling close to the PONR. Other cups/straps do not seem to have this effect.


*”The act of dallying; flirting, toying, or trifling”


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/the-dual-existing-of-the-athletic-cup-are-you-ready-2/