Can anyone explain my experience please?

I’ve been using eupho for a couple of months now. Didn’t have any major breakthrough, just enjoyed the sensations.
Yesterday I had a session and wanted to enhance the experience so I puffed some 420.
It didn’t really do anything significant, so I decided to jerk off slowly. When orgasm came I clenched my pc muscles automatically but couldn’t release them. I felt strong pressure on my prostate (it felt like electricity was hitting it constantly). I had a strongest orgasm I ever had. It probably lasted twice as long and I also lost control of myself I moaned loudly and moved a lot.
It seems it was something close to what I read about super orgasms, except it was with ejaculation.


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  1. Yes, dry is usual for me and the experience can last for up to 15 minutes. At some point you’ll find it’ll just keep going, Almost as if you have to will yourself to stop and walk away because it’s too much.

    The moaning helps, too. If I hit the right low pitched moan (almost like buddhist monk throat singing), I find that I can send waves of energy all over my body for long periods of time.

    Not sure I can explain it, but I can say enjoy it ..there’s a lot of new fun things to learn about yourself and every one’s path is slightly different.

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