Have I *Hacked* My Prostate?

After a couple years of on-again-off-again aneros toying, I’ve finally felt good about being consistent in using it.

About once or twice a week I’ve been “pop it in and relax routine” with some fun results. I can consistently get p-waves and the occasional rush of pleasure people speak of. After relaxing, I sit upright in my comfy computer chair and watch some porn with some nipple play. Lately, maybe a half hour of nipple play and aneros flexing has me TO-ing like crazy.

For the first time tonight I tried the same routine without the aneros: no dick touching, some nipple play, and some flexing while watching porn… 15 minutes later I blew a load.

TL;DR: Consistent use has me hands-free orgasming without the aneros

Has anyone else been able to initiate aneros-esque prostate pleasure without using it?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/by5nhb/have_i_hacked_my_prostate/


  1. Yeah I can. I can have a full on super-O with all my clothes on and no Aneros.

  2. Your pelvic floor muscles cradle your prostate. If you become aware of the sensations your prostate gives you (aka “waking up” your prostate), you can stimulate it slightly by contacting them. Do it enough while being relaxed and in the right state of mind, and it’s certainly possible to get off without any toys. It has been dubbed an “a-less” session. Short for “aneros less”

    You will have better results the more you train your pelvic floor with kegels and reverse kegels.

    Have fun!

  3. Good for you! That’s impressive!

    With a thong on, I can have an orgasm fully clothed. Always dry though because I never wait long enough.

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