J4’s Eupho Review

For a fall treat I splurged and got myself a Eupho. It has been since January that I last got a new Aneros product – then it was the Progasm. I was curious how much it would be different from the Helix (my first product) – since they are approximately the same dimensions.

Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise! Upon insertion, it felt different – it seemed to go right up to nestle and rub the prostate. I immediately felt like I had to pee. In the “lying on back, knees up” position I experienced strong abdominal muscle contractions and all the right kinds of tinglies. It was very difficult to maintain my initial 15 minutes of relaxed breathing with all the great sensations and shudders.

The best position was on my left side. Suddenly I felt the Eupho go were no Aneros had gone before. I got a great sensation of the prostate being rubbed in a previously unreachable spot. Nice. Finding prostate sweet spots and “rubbing the shell” was far easier with the Eupho than the Helix. I seem to respond well to the added length. The P-Tab is in a better location for me also. Those little changes in configuration really add up.

Through 3 Eupho sessions I would have to give this device a solid “thumbs up”. Its configuration hits my p-spot the best of all my little white friends. I was wondering if it would feel different – in a good way – and this product delivered results immediately and keeps on giving.

J4’s brief product summary (ranked in order of preference):
Eupho – best at delivering over all stimulation and pleasure (haven’t tried it with the wife yet). I look forward to lots of product testing with this teaser.

Peredise twins – best for wearing around the house, convenience and long sessions. These bad girls are tough to keep out the rotation, deliver consistently “nice” results and never leave you sore. Always on speed dial for a booty call.

Helix – best (so far) for delivering maximum pleasure during couple play – however, payoff doesn’t seem as much as the Eupho and will probably take a back seat for awhile.

Progasm – To big (for me) to have anything but an uninterrupted 2.5 hour window to play in. Just doesn’t get picked very often when its time to party. Used just once in the last 3 months – will probably feel like a new toy at next use.

All there is for now! Good sessions to all.



  1. Funny, I also bought the Helix as my first toy. I used it for about 1 year and did enjoy it but no super-o. My next toy like you was the Progasm which sat in my drawer due to it's size. Eupho……………what can I say. Eupho hit's me in the most amazing ways. A suggestion for you is let Eupho warm you up until it seems to have done it's thing then switch to Progasm. I have found this the most amazing combo. A super-o with Progasm after using Eupho is over the top!!!!! I usually can't reach a super-o with Progasm alone but together wow, wow, wow!!!! I don't use my Helix much any more. The Eupho, Progasm combo is a sure bet for me. It's just what the DR. ordered. Progasm is big but once primed with Eupho I really enjoy the sensations of just inserting it. My prostate seems to just clamp down on it and away I go on another wild Aneros ride. LL

  2. Wow, yes. Great BLOG post and excellent, acutely accurate summary of these tools. Nicely consolidated J4! I add on to everything said. The three of us are seeing a very similar "big picture."

    Eupho is definitely my journey tool and most of the time yields a mini-O … far more reliable than with any other tool. However, our local toy shop promises MGX's in stock next week so I'm going to spring for one as I like the taper and ribs on SGX's stem. (Have decided on a set of Peridises for New Year's Eve.)

    Agree completly on the Progasm… always emotionally tempting but has never lived up to visual expectations. However, tks to living_large for the Eupho–>Prgasm sequence.

    Please post your results with Eupho+Sex. I've tried the Eupho during foreplay/sex and it gave me a noticeable 'shove' in the gut during major repositioning, twisting and bending. Have come to prefer the SGX during active sex…pretty much 'invisible' until I contract or my wife provides a pinch, kiss, nibble etc.

    Helix has become an "on-belly" tool for "3R" sessions.

  3. Tks LivingLarge for the Eupho–>Program tip. I've done a Helix–>Prograsm a couple of times but not after a mini-O. I tend to fade in arousal and go into afterglow after a mini-O (have been blaming this on age).

    Question of LivingLarge (if you see this.. When you say ~~after Eupho has done it's thing..Is that a mini-O or a static plateau without any Orgasm??

    So, I wondering whether to shift from Eupho to Progasm at some plateau before the mini-O or make the switch after the mini-O to do a re-arousal and regenerate the session??? (In other words is this a 'building' technique or a 'regeneration.')

  4. I have never been one to mix and match during a session. But now I can't wait. There's a lot going on this next week but if I get a chance I'm going to rollerball the Eupho and the Progasm. If anything spectacular happens, I'll be sure to broadcast.


  5. In response to newbie2009. I have been fortunate enough to finally go over the super-o cliff about 1 year ago. So when I mention "let Eupho warm you up until it seems to have done it's thing then switch to Progasm" What I was refering to was let Eupho reach what you think is your peak. For me it's multiple super-o's. For you it might be switch after the mini-O's. I find that after inserting the Progasm there is a short down time but pretty quickly my prostate seems to clamp down and draw Progasm inside resulting in huge super-o's. I actually had my first super-o using this sequence. The key is relax and hold a little baseline contraction with the Progasm inserted. Just be patient.I lay on my back using this method with my knees bent and feet flat on the floor. The trick is to relax and let the feelings take you away. It can't be forced to happen but it will happen…at least in my case. It took me over 2 years to reach a super-o but it was the EuphoProgasm combo that finally sent me over the edge. Now here's the fun part at least for me. Since I reached that first super-o…….I can now get there every time!!!

  6. Great to see you and your new friend Eupho bonding well J4!

    I suspect you an even higher order of adventure in store with Eupho. Butt, no expectations :)! No pressures :)! All the best on your unfolding journey!


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