BPH and the Aneros user

During a visit to a doctor a few years ago I was diagnosed with BPH. I had just turned 52 and though I am in great shape the aging process is taking it's toll on my body in some way. My enlargened prostate is one of them. Now the typical method for dealing with this in the medical community is to prescribe drugs to shrink the prostate. These drugs have so many negative effects. At first I studied which one might be best for me but afterloooking at all the options I was not happy with what I was reading. I went to a family friend who lived a distance away (a urologist) and he examined me. At that time he gave me a prostate massage which quickly if not instantly relieved my symptoms. I was amazed and that sent me back to the computer to find out more about this treatment. It seems that prostate massage had been used before these new BPH drugs had been developed. Now this is what brought me to the Aneros site. It really isn't convenient to visit a doctor every 2 or 3 days for a prostate massage which is about how long I had relief from his massage. I read different articles about self prostate massage but I just couldn't successfully do it. I purchased the Aneros Helix and found that DID successfully massage my prostate and releaved my symptoms for 2 to 3 days. WOW, no drugs and side effects!!! Not only that but it felt so good to use. A year went by and I not once went to my urologist other than regular checkup checking PSA ect….As I read I did become interested on the super-o but it seemed elusive and not really why I was here but it did catch my interest. After about a year I purchased a Progasm but it was really big and I didn't use it much. My final purchase was a Eupho. Now at first I didn't like it because it just hit me in a very sensitive area. I did use it though and then one day I followed it with my Progasm which was sitting in the bottom of my drawer. The result was my first super-o. Now even though I was not seeking a super-o when I started this, I have found that having super-o's super massages my prostate giving my even more relief. I no longer suffer from having the peeing feeling. I usually can feel that feeling coming on and I know what needs to be done. To relieve that feeling a session every 2 or 3 days does the trick. I find it also a great benefit to also masturbate at the end of each session which also relieves the pressure from BPH. Quite often a session ends with my wife and I having sex which is even better. LL