Aneros DeVice, Oh fuck yeah!!!! A review!

Hi guys,

Several weeks ago, I got a rather new Aneros model, called the DeVice. It is actually a variation of the Aneros Vice, without the battery operated vibrator which is located in the stem of this model. The Aneros DeVice is also a silicone version of the Progasm. But because of the battery operated vibrator, it is rather expensive. offers it for $139.95, but you can get it on for $99, still very expensive!

I heard about the DeVice from a discussion of it on the Aneros Forum near the end of June. I was able to order it from Amazon from an adult store called The Fun Shop Stop, somewhere in Michigan. I used it for the very first time on June 29. Some days later, I discovered that some Aussie Aneros users could not order it directly from Amazon. I learned also that the Facebook page of Aneros does sell DeVice, while does not! Rather strange! I feel very badly that many of my good Aneros aficionados abroad are paying huge shipment costs for the Aneros from the USA!

The DeVice has to be the thickest Aneros model on the market. It is just as large as his Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice brothers. But the DeVice has a thicker stem and head. I get a boner just thinking about him!

Having used both the Progasm Classic and Ice since last September, I was well prepared for DeVice. My anus swallowed the thick, girthy DeVice to the hilt and his huge head [I like to think, his mushroom glans] aimed as a rocket straight towards my prostate. His fat head massaged my prostate in grand fashion and my anal musculature exulted in this model's sheer girth. He really sent me into orbit that day, and he still does! Generally I like to use DeVice as a bridge between my smaller models and my big models. DeVice for the last couple weeks follows immediately Progasm Junior who works on me with such robust, yet sleek action!

Also in time for the Fourth of July just past, I got a Progasm Classic in red, along with an Eupho Syn and an extra Helix Syn. So now, I have the Progasm Classic in patriotic red, white, and blue, which make proud to be an adult American male! Progasm Classic in red performed so admirably for the first time on July the Fourth nearly two weeks ago!

I may try Eupho Syn for the first time early Wednesday morning this week. But it would be nice if could manufacture a Maximus Syn to complement the Maximus Classic, which I so love and adore!