Extraordinary session with Traditional Aneros MGX!!!

Hi guys,

After an erotic night of off and on nipple diddling, my pump was primed for a session with my traditional Aneros MGX, perhaps my most favorite Aneros model, along with my traditional Aneros Helix and Program ICE right up there in satisfaction and sexual pleasure! First, I rode MGX for about fifteen minutes in the 7 o’clock hour near sunrise. However, I had a hankering to have an additional ride with MGX several hours later at 11:30 a.m. after arriving back from our neighborhood 7 Eleven with a delicious large cup of their mocha. My second session lasted a good twenty minutes. This time I concentrated on anal contractions and Kegels done in a leisurely, relaxed fashion. The Aneros Directions for Use recommends this approach. My prostate right now is exultant from this workout. It is purring in my Aless right now.

However, now I reflect on my intimate nipple and prostate connection. Most of my life I did not realize that my nipples are a treasure trove of eroticism until the Aneros came into my life at age 62 when I began working with the Aneros. My nipples really came alive in the weeks and months after my breakthroughs in mid September 2016 when I experienced my first Super-O’s and MMO’s. In early January 2017, I suffered a hip injury which required that I live in a rehab facility about six weeks. Lack of privacy there denied me of autoeroticism and my Aneros sessions. It was there as I recuperated that I could experience sexual pleasure through diddling my nipples. When I finally returned home in mid March 2017, I now had the privacy to resume my Aneros sessions and nightly nipple diddling in bed.

Oh my very sweet traditional Aneros MGX!!!

Hi guys,

Saturday night overnight we had perhaps the coldest nights of early 2021. A blast arctic air arrived Saturday afternoon. It was cold and blustery. Fortunately today Sunday the winds calmed down and we had a fairly pleasant afternoon.

I went to bed last night around 7 p.m. after it got dark here. I slept soundly until 10 p.m. when I had to get up and use my bathroom. Then I returned to bed and enjoyed my body in periods of diddling my nipples. Since I am pretty much rewired now, I can induce Super-O’s and even MMO’s on demand by diddling my nipples. When I arose in the 6 o’clock, I quickly dressed and went to my neighborhood 7 Eleven to get an extra-large size of mocha. Then I had an Aneros session with MGX around 7 o’clock when the sun rose. My session lasted a good 20 minutes. I must say that my erotic night with bouts of nipple diddling had primed the pump of an extremely satisfying session with MGX!

The Aneros directions of use over the years has suggested 20 minutes of contraction exercises with the Aneros. Of course, my body just knew what to do since those exercises are ingrained in my consciousness. They go hand-in-hand with my nipple diddling!

A very powerful session with traditional Aneros Maximus

Hi guys,

Earlier this morning in the 7 o’clock hour, I had a very powerful session with my trusty traditional Aneros Maximus. It lasted about 20 minutes. I have been working with the Aneros, as many of you know, since early June 2012. After several years of a regimen of Aneros sessions which occurred three/four times a week, I finally achieved major breakthroughs in mid September 2012 with Super-O’s and MMO’s. Since then, I can have all sorts of orgasms on demand most nights in bed mostly through diddling my nipples. Nights in bed are when I can shut out daily cares and blast of daily news. The darkness and quiets enable to relax and thus participate in my erotic activities.

The Maximus is between smaller models such as Helix and MGX and large, heavy duty models as the Progasm. I am intrigued in the more modern Trident series and how the Trident Maximus performs. I wonder of guys using the Trident series achieve Super-O’s and MMO’s more quickly in terms of months and years.

Take care!

Does your prostate become “hard” and “erect” when you are sexually aroused???

Hi guys,

Ever since, November 14, the apartment next to mine has been undergoing extensive renovations to bring it up to code. Hence Monday through Friday, and some Saturdays too, from nine to five, there have been much construction noise. This renovation project will conclude at the end of January 2021.

Nonetheless at night I can retire to my bed when all is quiet and in repose. As one who has been rewired by Aneros, I can throughout the long nights off and on bring myself to the heights of sexual stimulation mostly through diddling my nipples and the Kegels thrown in for good measure. Whenever that happens, it feels that my prostate is hard and erect, much like my cock which beckons me to wank it! 🙂 I am so grateful for what the Aneros has done for me in getting me in touch with my prostate. So now when I masturbate, it feels so good when my prostate is fully engaged in the throes of masturbation as I go all the away towards orgasm and ejaculation of my semen. Plus my semen is so thick and creamy!

This is what my good buddy, @Turnrow, wrote in response in one of my blog posts last May:

“So glad for your best time ever. It would be helpful for you as a veteran to describe what you felt in the temple of exquisite male pleasure and also in the ALESS which you also describe as exquisite. We underlings who have not experienced such pleasure would be motivated to keep trudging on to what you totally rewired guys are feeling.”

Transitioning to the new Microsoft Edge browser!

Hi guys,

This past weekend I finally transitioned to Microsoft Edge as my new preferred browser. Actually the transition occurred on Saturday. It is a state-of-art browser and I am amazed by its capabilities the more I use it.

Also we are entering perhaps the coldest weeks of 2021 here in Washington DC. It is too cold to have an Aneros session, but maybe tomorrow morning just before sunrise.

In a few minutes I return to bed. It is quiet here. There is a dog who lives in an apartment across the courtyard from mine who tends at times to yap and howl its head off at times. That happened for several hours this afternoon. Fortunate its owner returned home by sunset.

Most nights in bed it is a nearly every night ritual with nipple diddling, Kegels, and relaxed breathing to elicit from my body Super-O’s and MMO’s. It can be done having orgasms by demand. Just relax and enjoy your God given body!

I thank guys like @ggringo, @goldenboy, @turnrow, and now @poseidon who lives several miles away from me, as well men from way earlier years who have inspired me. Take care!

Prograsm ICE ride ; the sweetness of nipple diddling

Hi guys,

After an erotic night with bouts of nipple diddling, I rose at my usual time at 5 o’clock. After showering, shaving, and dressing, I went to my neighborhood 7 Eleven to get an extra-large coffee mocha around 6 a.m. returning to have an early breakfast at 7 a.m. Then I had an Aneros session with Progasm ICE which lasted close to 25 minutes. I just love the silky feel of the Progasm ICE which has given me sweet. powerful Aless since then today.

A few days ago, a new Aneros buddy, @Poseidon, posed a good question on how to achieve orgasmic nipples through nipple diddling. Through my own experience, when I achieved my breakthroughs in mid September 2016 with Super-O’s and MMO’s, I began to open my body up to greater, sweeter, and erotic sensations. The Aneros was originally invented as a a medical device to self-administer prostate massage, I believe, around 2005 by a Japanese urologist. Men by using the Aneros, discovered not only its medical benefits in promoting good prostate health, but also its erotic benefits. Aneros.com with its Forum, blog section, and Wiki was created.

So the prostate is the center of the urogenital region in the male anatomy. An awakened prostate through the Aneros radiates sexual energy and well-being in the male. This energy radiates through his genitals and throughout his entire body.

Why I love diddling or strumming my nipples so much! :-) [Revised]

Hi guys,

This is an edited and revised blog entry which I posed in July 2018.

“But overnight in bed I made an extraordinary discovery how my nipples resemble so much my penis. Guys’ genitals consist at least visibly of his testicles in a scrotum, then the root of his penis, then the penis itself with its shaft, capped by his Glans. Most guys discover their penis as little boys. Guys discover the erotic delight the penis has for them as boys. They discover that they can fondle their penises. The penis loves such attention and produces more pleasure. The penis becomes erect. Boys revel in playing with themselves. They discover that the penis is made for holding and grabbing. Boys instinctively discover the masturbatory grip. Most boys discover for sure when such attention leads them during adolescence: That life changing experience of that first full-fledged orgasm and ejaculation of semen!

“Unfortunately for many boys and men they don’t realize that their nipples hold exquisite pleasure. But last night as I was caressing my hairy chest and diddling my nipples, I made an amazing discovery that my nipples are much smaller version of penis. My nipples are protrude just a little from my breasts. They are stubby. But those stubs are analogous to the shaft of my penis. But in a sense, they are a miniature version of my Glans. I like to strum my nipples as @roland Htg calls it. Diddling my nipples is essentially strumming my nipples, but also caressing them and circling them with my finger tips on my aureoles.

Amazing Helix Classic ride this morning!

Hi guys,

I had an amazing Helix Classic ride this morning just before sunrise, my Aneros session since last July 3, just before our July 4 national holiday

I had forgotten how much I had missed an Aneros session for so long. It seemed that my body felt that way in how it interacted with Helix Classic, one of the original Aneros models that launched the self-administered prostate movement here in the USA and then worldwide.

Right now I am enjoying Aless which is so sweet and powerful. I thank novice60 (Mark) for his questions on the glans penis and the excised frenulum which is practiced so often during male circumcision here in the USA.

This is a developing post. Take care!

Two hot Progasm Classic rides, Nov. 28 & Dec. 5, 2020

Hi guys,

Last Saturday morning, November 28 and this Saturday morning, December 5, I had two amazing Progasm Classic rides just before sunrise. These rides produced wonderful Aless. These Progasm two Classic rides happened about after two years of disuse.

A guy on a masturbation web site in October 2011 told me all about the health and sexual benefits of self-administered prostate massage which the Aneros produces. So in late December 2011, I ordered for my use the original models of Helix, MGX, and Progasm. However I was afraid to use them because I was unacquainted with anal play. When Aneros began marketed Helix Syn in March 2012, I ordered that model which opened soon after for me the benefits and pleasures of prostate massage. Helix Classic, MGX Classic, and Progasm Classic soon after joined my Aneros sessions.

The Progasm Classic seems to be formidable model to use because of its girth and its aggressive prostate capacity. All you do is just relax and let this model work on your prostate. Gentle nipple diddling and occasional Kegels are only necessary to actuate the massage action of the Progasm. You will be reward with lovely Aless which lasts throughout the day and in the evening as you go to bed.

Take care!

An incredible Helix Classic ride with pleasurable Aless following, Sunday morning, December 13

Hi guys,

Last night I had a productive private message exchange with @Poseidon, a new Aneros friend. He inspired me to ride my Helix Classic at 3 a.m. this morning. The ride lasted about 30 minutes. It left me with Aless which I interacted with until dawn when I got up. I hope to engage with this Aless when I go to bed in a while this evening. Take care!