The delights of nipple diddling Xmas night in bed!

Hi guys,

After a full day of activities on Christmas Day, I retired early Christmas night for some hours of much needed slumber. However last night, I awoke up with my body hungering for nipple diddling activities!

In many of previous blog posts, the delights of nipple diddling happened soon after my Super-O and MMO breakthroughs in mid September 2016. A month before in mid August 2016, I devised a regimen of Kegel Exercises which actually made the Kegels a very pleasurable activity. Right now I post this regimen for your perusal:


I had being doing the Kegels since September 2011 when I first heard about the Aneros, Super-O’s, and MMO’s from a guy elsewhere in sex chat. The Kegels are good for strengthen the pelvic floor in both women and men. They are recommended when you work with the Aneros.

My Kegel regimen which I devised in August 2016 not only made this sort of exercise feel real good, but it launched me to the achievement of my Super-O and MMO’s breakthroughs a month later.