Vice 2

Have decided that I do indeed like vibrations going on up where the sun don’t shine, when before I didn’t. So I bought the Vice 2 after reading from someone he didn’t get anywhere with the Helix but as soon as he put the Vice2 in, his P life took an amazing change for the better. So the thing is I’m not sure how to use the vibrations. Do others flex so it’s basically stationery next to the prostate with barely to no movement at all? Or do you put the vibration on and then just use it the same as a non-vibrating one? And do you move it (if at all) to the “beat”?

I’ve had mine in all afternoon and I can’t work out which option would be best

Thanks in advance



  1. I don’t own a Vice, but I do l like vibration a lot. My prostate really responds to it. I just turn it on and go. I don’t clinch or anything. I don’t know what functions the Vice has, but I have much better results with lower vibration settings or pulse functions. High vibration frequencies are really intense for me, but the sensation always dies off after a while. I’ve actually had HFWOs and dry orgasms from pulse functions.

  2. So the vibrations are kind of just in your arse; you pop the vibrator in and leave it be to do it’s own thing?

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