Aneros and binaural beats

Hi all

So I’ve seen a few posts that say use the aneros whilst listening to binaural beats. So what do you do? Keigels? To the beat or ignoring it? Or use the Just Do Nothing standard? I have had some great times with binaurals, but without the aneros, and now keen to move it up.

Also, which is your fave binaural clip to use.


Aneros with Mindgasm

Hi guys

So I’ve taken everyone’s advice and subscribed to mindgasm. I’d already tried the first three lessons, and because of things I’ve done in the past I found the base and PC muscles pretty easy to separate. Then the Top muscle…

When I do what it sounds like I’m supposed to do I kind if get it. I’ve been trying for the last few nights, and I do feel like I’ve got a good control of it (not long but definitely there). Tonight I was going to try again, without Aneros but I seemed to be getting some sensations so I thought “Ah feck it. What harm can it do?” so in went my Trident. I then continued my exercises and, not sure if nature took over but I found myself hard (not the issue). I also naturally gravitated to both my Base and PC muscles being flexed, and just doing the top. So my questions are a) am I doing it right, and b) when flexing my top should THAT be where all my main sensations are (almost like it’s being thrusted, or masturbated but v..e..r..y slowly and gently). And very pleasurable it was too, with a couple of gasps and ‘Oh my God!”s. Twice my stomach contracted then my head fell back on the pillow! Sadly no precum or anything but it felt like it was. (But I’m not chasing the orgasm; I’m letting it chase me)

Alternative ways

Anyone got alternative ways of getting pleasure from their Aneros? I’m currently sat in my car on my lunch still wearing my helix and grinding my hips backwards and forwards in a rocking motion, which is causing some rather nice sensations and almost dribbling. Anyone else do this? Or anything else?

Sadly have to go back into work now, looking a tad flushed!!

Clenching question

This is a question for all the guys who, like me, don’t do the “Do nothing” way, but try and kick-start the Aneros by clenching from the start. Do you follow a set strict pattern e.g. clench on 1 then release 2-3-4-5-6-7-8 every time, or do a few slow ones then a couple of quick ones, or…what? I’m still relatively new to the world of prostate play but find the do nothing does nothing (for me). Yet if I clench I can feel contact between my aneros and my prostate.

Just seeing what everyone else thinks and does.

Cheers in advance

Vice 2

Have decided that I do indeed like vibrations going on up where the sun don’t shine, when before I didn’t. So I bought the Vice 2 after reading from someone he didn’t get anywhere with the Helix but as soon as he put the Vice2 in, his P life took an amazing change for the better. So the thing is I’m not sure how to use the vibrations. Do others flex so it’s basically stationery next to the prostate with barely to no movement at all? Or do you put the vibration on and then just use it the same as a non-vibrating one? And do you move it (if at all) to the “beat”?

I’ve had mine in all afternoon and I can’t work out which option would be best

Thanks in advance