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Hi guys

So I’ve taken everyone’s advice and subscribed to mindgasm. I’d already tried the first three lessons, and because of things I’ve done in the past I found the base and PC muscles pretty easy to separate. Then the Top muscle…

When I do what it sounds like I’m supposed to do I kind if get it. I’ve been trying for the last few nights, and I do feel like I’ve got a good control of it (not long but definitely there). Tonight I was going to try again, without Aneros but I seemed to be getting some sensations so I thought “Ah feck it. What harm can it do?” so in went my Trident. I then continued my exercises and, not sure if nature took over but I found myself hard (not the issue). I also naturally gravitated to both my Base and PC muscles being flexed, and just doing the top. So my questions are a) am I doing it right, and b) when flexing my top should THAT be where all my main sensations are (almost like it’s being thrusted, or masturbated but v..e..r..y slowly and gently). And very pleasurable it was too, with a couple of gasps and ‘Oh my God!”s. Twice my stomach contracted then my head fell back on the pillow! Sadly no precum or anything but it felt like it was. (But I’m not chasing the orgasm; I’m letting it chase me)

PS i had to stop twice to actually pee. Not because I simply felt like it, but because I had to.

Cheers in advance


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  1. Hi there!
    Thanks for becoming my patron and helping me evolve. 🙂

    Doing Mindgasm exercises with Aneros is totally fine and actually recommended if you struggle to advance. (except lesson 6)

    Base and Center are responsible for moving the Aneros against the prostate, which can create immediate pleasura under your control. The Top on the other hand has little to no influence on Aneros movement. So it is indeed natural that you gravitate towards involving those into the Top exercises.

    From your descriptions, yes you are on the right path. Follow the pleasure! Don’t bother too much with what you “are supposed to feel” and where exactly.
    You are unique and need to find your own sweetspots.

    Enjoy the journey!

    Love, A.I.Allie (◦‿◦)

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