why is it so hard to do?!

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel like a failure. Like I figured as long as nothing was painful, it’d be awesome off the bat.

I use the syn V and syn trident. I use lots of lube. I’ve gotten pretty good to separate anal and penile stimulation. I practice kegals. Usually I play after a nice hot shower and often after working out. I’ve tried the mindgasm thing. I use edibles.

Having it inside feels nice enough. I can move the toy with contractions. Nothing is painful. But I haven’t gotten the legs shaking. I haven’t gotten any involuntary contractions aside from when I also masturbated at the same time (I’ve since stopped doing these together). I haven’t gotten the mind blowing fireworks.

I’ve tried lots of different yoga positions. On my back, on my stomach, on my side. And these are fun and erotic….but nothing?

I’ve tried doing nothing, I’ve tried casually keeping it in while watching tv or w/e.

Is it really this hard to get a prostate orgasm?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/rx4ca5/why_is_it_so_hard_to_do/


  1. I don’t know how long you’ve been doing it but it does take a while to get the full effect. Try not to overthink it, also don’t go in with expectations, good or bad. I’ve had some of the best sessions while not expecting much of anything.

  2. First, I’d stop chasing the expectation of a prostate orgasm. It’ll happen when it does and it’s when you least expect it. Focus on enjoying the pleasure and things will eventually build.

    Then I’d work on getting involuntaries to start WITHOUT touching your penis. There’s still some mixed opinions on touching, but definitely don’t jerk during unless you want enhanced traditional penis orgasm. It was hard for me when I first started but it’s definitely paid off.

    Give mindgasm another try too but don’t focus so intensely on the commands. If you’re doing the big squeeze and feel something that feels good, just try to maintain that level of contraction.

  3. This morning i saw this post and was feeling the exact same thing as you. Super disappointed and annoyed. I had a long ass 3 hour session yesterday and got pretty much nothing out of it.

    Today i decided to go with the “do nothing” way, and boy i gotta tell you.. I can’t wait for tomorrow.
    I got the p-waves going, and it was obvious what i need to do next.

    So for me the trick was to do nothing. Just insert aneros, and just take a comfortable position and just listen to your body. At some 5-10 minutes of just relaxing, i could feel something going on close to my prostate and i could just focus on it which led to waves of pleasure.

    Nothing major yet, but it gave me the boost i needed to continue this journey. Hope you’ll find your way too ! Stay strong !

  4. If it helps I’m in the same boat, but I’ve been doing anal/ prostate play for almost 30 years and haven’t had anything crazy like super-o’s or p-waves, or even involuntary’s It feels just good enough to keep trying.

  5. I can identify with your frustration. One thing I find difficult is wondering if I just haven’t gotten the right toy(s) yet, or just need to keep working with the ones I have.

  6. May sound strange but the best thing for me is to do slow deep breaths while horny. That’s all there is to it. Doing squeezes never really done anything for me

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