quivering question


I have a question for those of you who are succeeding.

I am getting a lot of good feelings. Today I was able to get my butt muscles and thighs to quiver, and that directed good sensations to my prostate. But, I have not yet gotten my anal spincter or PC muscles to quiver.

I have improved my ability to enjoy the aneros recently by doing the contraction exercises as well as quick contractions once or twice a day, without the aneros, to develop my strength. (I find the SLOW contraction is pretty hard and is an important part to using the aneros).

My question is: for those of you have the quivering down, can you do it without aneros? In other words, I am inclined to try to learn how to get my anus to quiver independent of using the aneros, so that i can do my training in small bits when I have some time. Do you think I should be able to learn to get my anus to quiver the way I can do so with other muscles in my body without having the aneros inside?