Sweet Sensations

The last week has brought me a lot of progress in my exploration, starting with the fact that my body has developed a sweet spot that can give me pleasure – without the Aneros! Rubbing or gently pressing on a small area behind my scrotum while contracting my PC muscles produces a nice, low level tingly sensation (not always, however). One night I decided to try playing around with this, and the building sensations brought me to a nice and powerful penile orgasm.

This new sensitivity has been a nice development – it even brought me towards what was the best session ever last Monday morning. Backing up, a couple of nights earlier I brought out the MGX for a little try. Even though I wasn't feeling super horny, I thought it would be worth it to get some practice in. Well, I had it in for about an hour, doing the usual motions, and I wasn't feeling anything at all. Nada. It didn't make me feel bad, though. Mostly it proves that you have to be at least a little aroused going in for it to work.

The one on Monday, however, was a totally different story. I lubed it up and stuck it in, and about 20 minutes later the Aneros was grazing the prostate and feeling good. My position was on the back/side, legs bent, one knee sticking up and another to the side. At this point I'm getting much more of a hang of which muscles I need to move which way to get the maximum impact. It's not about repeatedly thrusting it in there – more like using it to "pet" the sweet spot and coaxing along the sensations until they build up further. And, boy, did they build up that morning. Eventually I got myself into a pattern where I'd have a wave of delirious pleasure and keep it going for about 30 seconds to two minutes. Then I'd rest for another 30 secs or so, and then I'd get the wave going again! This must have been going on for at least an hour. It was fantastic. My mind went from concentrating on concrete fantasy material to thinking vaguely about my anal canal and how wonderful it felt, and could I gently take it any further? Although I'm gay and don't think much of this, now I know how women in a complete state of ecstasy must feel.

What really helped me during this session (by far the best yet) was breathing deeply and vocalizing my pleasure. Every time I exhaled, I imagined my abdomen "pushing" down into that area and helping bringing out the sensations. I don't know if it actually accomplished that, but the motions sure felt like they helped a lot. Also, while exhaling I started to let out deep moans. Normally I'm a bit inhibited when it comes to vocalizing like that, but maybe the vibrations in my voice helped coax out the sensations? At any rate, the moaning really started turning me on and I was getting loud during the peak. I had to eventually end the session that day – only because I needed to get on with other stuff. It was about 3.5 hours on and off, but I easily could have done a couple of hours more.

So that's it for now. Unbelievable sensations, no super-o, but I'm getting there!