First Impressions

I ordered the helix and received it a few days ago, I just wanted to share my experiences and seek some interpretation and guidance.

I used it the night I got it but didn't try to do anything special just used it as a normal masturbation aid, since I didn't have enough time to try any exploration. I noticed it did enhance the force of my ejaculation, which was very nice.

I tried it again two nights later when I had some more time on my hands. I read some erotica to get me in the mood before I started.

Next, I lubed everything up very thoroughly in anticipation of a long session. I decided to use the kneeling position with my upper body resting on the top of the bed. I found that it gave the helix the most freedom of motion.

I started with some light contractions, and noticed my penis swelling and leaking pre-cum with each flex. I was taking deep breathes in and contracting followed by long exhales while bearing down. I continued this for a few minutes and wasn't sure what to expect next, but I decided to rest to try and see if I could feel some involuntary contractions.

I honestly didn't know what to expect, would they be quick or nice and slow? I waited and slowly felt my anus contract on its own and lead to a very pleasurable warmth start from my perineum and extend outward. I enjoyed it and thought I would just relax and see if I could let them continue.

They did continue and I think this was the start of p-waves.

They continued and I had the feeling as if their was a warmth enveloping my penis externally. Almost like a warm hand or orifice was going over them (Very pleasurable btw )

Then I started to have the feeling of imminent ejaculation, (which didn't occur of course) but it just kept building. I began shaking in all my limbs and body, while huffing and puffing like I was a woman in labour.

This shaking/huffing/puffing continued for a while maybe 2 to 3 minutes. Then I started coming down and went back to normal.

I tried to attain this again from a different position (on all 4's) but was unsuccessful. I then decided to finish off and had a very forceful ejaculation.

So, I'm very intrigued with this and hope to have a lot of fun on my journey towards something even better.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to proceed are welcome, later!