My experimentation with having a session on my side was a success!

Things didn't start out so well and I was having difficulty concentrating on the helix making contact with my prostate. When I was on all 4's I noticed that the helix moved more compared to other positions and I thought that lying on my side it would mean less stimulation. Well after some practice I found it just requires a little more concentration to realize there is plenty of stimulation for the prostate!

It took more time but with some effort I was having mini-O's again on my side, and since I was already lying down I was able to concentrate more on the feelings it generated rather than concentrating on staying upright like before. I was also able to stay shaking for longer periods of time than before, as in minutes vs seconds.

It was quite different from my previous experiences on all 4's because before I only started the shaking when I felt the helix moving on its own quite noticeably whereas on the side it felt as if the helix wasn't moving at all, but I was shaking more drastically than before.

I also think I may have come close to a super-o.

It started as I was shaking wildly from a mini-o seemingly with no end, then all of a sudden I calmed right down and was completely motionless. I thought maybe my body needed a break and I just enjoyed few calming deep breathes to try and gather myself. This calm lasted maybe 10-15 seconds and then I start to feel the shakes coming on again, but they came on much more quickly and wildly. The level of pleasure just kept ratcheting up and up past any previous point I'd experienced, and I felt a small warm point developing (I can't remember where in my body) and I thought "Could this be a super-o?". I think as soon as that thought came into my mind I got distracted and came back down to my previous mini-o levels.

Soooo, suffice to say I'm going to try on my side from now on!