I think I've found a new favourite lube, I was using the Astro Glide before but I was running low and I decided to try something new. So I picked up some KY warming jelly and man that stuff seems perfect, when you put it on it isn't chilly and it seems to stay in place a lot better.

Well, I followed up a session in the evening with one this morning and I don't think I had any breakthroughs but it was still enjoyable nonetheless.

Something after the session happened though, I was sitting just watching TV and reminiscing about the session when I started to get some p-waves. It felt as though the helix was still in me rubbing my prostate and perineum. I even started to shake a little.

It's been about 3 hours since my session and I can still bring on the p-waves, and I'm leaking pre-cum with no direct stimulation at all. It a little strange to say the least, good but strange.