Stimulation With and Without

It's been about 3 weeks or so since I posted last. I've been having some pretty good sessions with the Aneros MGX, but lately I feel like I've been hitting a plateau in terms of the enjoyment and growth. Mostly I've been getting pretty good p-waves going, although nothing as great as the session I posted about last time. Often a session will be scrapped after about an hour, producing only mild tingly feelings. The thing with these things is that the best sensations come when you least expect them. That said, I'm going to keep trying. It's too fun to stop!

Actually it seems like I'm making better strides without the Aneros. Last time, I posted about the sensitive spot behind my scrotum that, when gently rubbed, drives my prostate crazy. I was reading about the Male Deer exercise and was wondering if rubbing the pubic bone above the penis makes any sensations. I tried it a few times and felt nothing … but all that changed one night while reading in bed. I was absentmindedly rubbing with my middle finger nestled above my penis and my thumb in my navel, moving both in gentle circular motions. At first it was giving me a mild "oh that's nice" feeling. Then my dick started getting hard. It seemed like the blood flowing there intensified the feelings, building things up until I had an "oh my god" moment and had to drop the book and go with the flow. Wow. What a unique sensation, similar to the rubbing of the spot behind the scrotum – but distinctly different!

This exciting development was followed up earlier this week. Although I had a bout with the flu and had to put playing around on hold, as soon as that subsided I was so excited about doing this modified Male Deer thing. I was sitting up in bed, doing a gentle massage behind my balls. That was a nice prelude to what was to come. Then I did the typical Male Deer Exercise motion of cupping the scrotum in the fingers while massaging the public bone with the thumb. That felt really good. Going by what I read, I used my other hand to do gentle circular rubs starting from the pubic area and moving upward. This part honestly wasn't doing much for me, but eventually I hope to do it the right way and coax those incredible feelings up my body. I was also doing anal contractions and bringing out some of the strongest tingles I've ever done without the Aneros. I would rotate between stimulating the scrotum and pubic bone at the same time and doing the exercise with the thumb in my navel like in the last paragraph. This was building up some incredible feelings, and it was turning me on thinking that these feelings were extending from my colon to the penis (super hard and feeling great) all the way up my torso to my belly. With each anal contraction, the feelings were building more and more, until it felt like I was orgasming without the cum.

In the meantime I was trying for a hands-free ejaculation. That didn't happen, but after about 3 hours of this constant stimulation I started stroking my penis and focusing soley on my organ. After only a few minutes I was rewarded with a long, long orgasm. I held back a bit and tried to make it last as long as possible, and as a result I had a mind blowing Super-T. It produced copious amounts of cum, the most by far I've ever had. Normally I do a teaspoon or two of cum. This time it must have been a quarter cup of cum – it seemed to never end!

The next night, although I didn't plan this, I had another play session using the same method. I only spent about an hour this time, but it was great. The orgasm I had that night was also long lasting and super pleasurable, but oddly it only produced a little bit of watery liquid – no cum at all. Guess I have to rest a bit before trying that again!