Equalityboy81's Aneros Experiences

I’m now almost 27. When I first saw the Aneros on the shelf at a local adult store in late 2006 I was excited and bought it right then. I believed what I saw on the website over the years about it. It made scientific sense. I was excited and that night I went home and used it. My ass literally sucked the Aneros right in. I felt it hit my prostate immediately. It was a great feeling. A sweet feeling! I felt like my whole lower abdomen and ass had all this energy surrounding them. I also felt it in my ass cheeks. It felt a little bit like electricity. I had alternated between lying on my back and lying in this position with my legs bent and feet facing down. After about an hour my breathing became deeper and my heart started pounding heavier and I could hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears where it blocked out sound, ears buzzing and ringing, and put me to different level or reality. I felt all the same things when I first inserted the Aneros and lightheadedness and the back of my head was slowly spinning around in circles. It just snuck up on me. My perineum had a nice sensation and my penis had a somewhat numb, tingly, and prickly feeling, more so in the base. Then things were less concentrated in the penis. I felt this warmth, electricity, ringing in my ears, and buzzing through my face, cheeks, and head. I felt like I was floating. It felt so safe, warm, and peaceful. It felt right! This warmth flooded my body like it was shielding me from the cool air around me. It was somewhat like an electrical feeling. My eyes became fixated and vision a bit blurry. I felt in an altered state of consciousness. There was all this sexual energy and emotions. It was like being so horny and submissive. I thought all these sexy/erotic thoughts. It lasted almost a minute or two in all and my penis was unusually, extremely erect toward the end and it spewed out a long string of pre-cum with intense pressure. Then my body felt like it was lowering back on my bed and the stiffness from my back from the experience subsided like I had been levitating and slowly lowered to earth.

There were times when I used the Aneros for several hours lying in bed at night. My body would start jerking and heaving off the bed and falling back down on the bed hitting the pillow. My back would arch a lot and legs would move somewhat and abdominal muscles contract, my upper body would jerk toward the direction of my legs. I have a few fond memories during these events of feeling my perineum spot vibrate and tingle like it was on fire with sexual energy and it just kept going for a while and after a while of contractions on it, it would cause me to start gasping and panting on and off for minutes at a time. During my panting episodes it felt so wonderful I could feel a smile produce on my face almost involuntarily and would think to myself that every male of every age should be able to experience this pleasure. I feel so robbed that I couldn’t experience this pleasure as a child and teenager and early twenties. I feel it should be mandatory that every man try an Aneros at least once in his life. I have to wonder if Aneros users get even more pleasure than women having g-spot orgasms or if they are less or equivalent. During my time lying down enjoying the Aneros I’d think about hot guys I know or have seen and I’d picture them all in a big room together with their butts up in the air or knees up and feet down with their asses quivering, vibrating, and shaking and being drenched in sweat from one Super O after another. When I’m feeling so good and deep in fantasy I think about other guys around my age. I think what it would be like if guys just got together and did this Aneros thing. Picture a locker room full of jocks with jockstraps and other guys just lying all around the place and naked in the shower area floor with hot water running down on them. All of them moaning, groaning, grunting, growing, roaring, yelling, panting, hyperventilating, sighing, and gasping from the ecstasy the Aneros is causing them. I would picture some of them in doggy style positions and others with their knees drawn toward them. And all of them listening to all the other’s sounds of pleasure and seeing their bodies spasm, shake, vibrate, tremor, heave, jerk, convulse, orgasm, etc. and creating a cycle of ecstasy and sexual energy. I feel it is important to fantasize, have visual and audio stimulation, think sexy thoughts, and reminisce on your past sexual adventures. NOTE: For straight guys, picture naked ladies having multiple orgasms with the Peridise and that you are there participating with her. Fantasy, mind, sound, and breathing are essential to getting the most you can get out of it. I’m thinking damn, every guy should love his butthole. It, the prostate, and perineum feel so much more intense than the penis. I just picture in mind my all these men enjoying the power of their assholes. It’s the command center for a man’s pleasure. But many men would not want to admit that to themselves. Guys, when you get the hot feeling in your perineum (sweet spot) where the p-tab digs into the feeling is out of this world. It will cause you to pant and feel tingly and warm all over. Some men have issue with anal play, but when you get this feeling you’ll know it is just right and will feel everything is right with the world. You won’t feel less of a man. This is a very masculine feeling. You will feel so masculine, “Like dude, I’m man!” You will feel like this is what being a guy is supposed to be all about and that this feels way better than the penis. The buttocks, asshole, and perineum should also be a symbol of his masculinity.

There was a time with the SGX in the bathtub when I lied on my left side and I just started vibrating and shuddering with pleasure for what seemed like 2 minutes on and off during a 6 minute time span. There was also slight warmth encompassing my body. I cannot describe the emotions. They are equally as good. It’s like you are the horniest you’ve ever been in your life and you keep getting hornier and the horniness is never quenched just keeps getting better and better and more intense. It’s such a peaceful feeling you want to share it with all your buddies and wish they could experience such pleasure and that a group of guys or people could share this together. But how do we explain this to our friends? Some of my friends think I’m weird for liking the Aneros and other sex toys and I just tell them they don’t know what they are missing out on. Narrow-minded people miss out is all I can say.

Things that helped me to believe it was possible to have a Super O was reading the Aneros Wiki and watching Arctic Wolves who is a member of Aneros and Xtube, under the same name, having a Super O is his two videos. I wish he’d record all his sessions because it is a phenomenon rarely caught on video. It is not only erotic, but very educational and scientific as well. Also the fact that I could have many orgasms before puberty by letting the pool jets stimulate my penis. I remember when I was 12 or 13 there was a guy my age who stayed the night with me. He was a lot more developed than others our age. He was a lot farther in puberty and I had not reached puberty. To me his penis was huge and he was a lot of pubic hair. We played around and humped each other. I was more horny and hard than I had ever been in my life. After humping him a while I began to get the regular penile orgasm with the pumping/throbbing/contractions/pulses/spasms (The type that does not happen during a Super O but Super T.) I ejaculated a lot of clear prostate fluid. One of these days science will find out what causes the male refractory period during puberty and there will be some discovery on how to get a guy to penile orgasm as many times as he wants.

I feel like I should bring up a few things which are a little scientific and theoretical. Well, we know that any human being of any age is capable of orgasm even in the womb. Before puberty, it is impossible to ejaculate because your glands are not yet developed nor do you create semen and sperm. And some people before puberty are able to have repeated orgasms with a small or no refractory period because they have no ejaculations. But our body parts are still there no matter what age we are, we still have a prostate. I remember when I was about 9 or 10; I got curious and stuck my finger up my anus. But I vividly remember there was a spot that I brushed against quickly and pulled out that felt good in sensation. Now I wonder how that was possible considering I was too young to produce seminal and prostate fluids. So how did the prostate give me pleasure? I’m assuming it had something to do with nerves which makes me wonder as an adult if prostate fluid is even essential in generating the Super O. I didn’t think much about it then because when you are a kid you don’t know much about sexuality and many males don’t know the asshole has any other function than defecation. When we are young we are discouraged by our parents from masturbation and anal play. The Super O which has no ejaculation involved can be repeated over and over. We are told though that it is good to have and store semen in our prostate, to not masturbate and ejaculate, before our sessions with the Aneros. I’m sure this makes the outcome of a Super O better (to have a full prostate) but I wonder if it’s possible to get a Super O without one. I know after you reach puberty once you ejaculate you go through a refractory period but this may not apply to the prostate being drained but at the same time it may considering as an adult once you cum your done. The prostate and penis do work differently so I haven’t figured this one out. I know it’s possible to have a Super O with an empty prostate because I’m almost certain I saw a post by Brian Mayfield which stated moments after he ejaculated to his surprise he was able to begin another session and have a Super O. Though for me if I end my session with a Super T (ejaculation) I have no desire to continue just like with masturbation or intercourse. So I like to edge a lot and stimulate my penis and anus a lot and watch, read, and view erotic material before a long Aneros session. Always lube inside your anus first.

The mind can do strange things to the body. For example, if I think long enough and deep about being dominated and submissive to a hot guy, I sometimes let out a loud sneeze. The prior urge to sneeze feels sensual, erotic, and peaceful. Thinking about a submissive Aneros session can also do that to me sometimes. When I see something gory on television or get grossed out sometimes it will cause an emotion which causes the base of my balls to ache for a split second. I’ll never understand it but we only use 10% of our brains.

Earlier this year, there was a time when my friend was away. I have a key to the place and am welcome there anytime. So the naughty thought occurred to me that this is the opportunity to watch some porno and have some anal play fun. I began lubing and relaxing my ass. I laid out a towel. I put in anal beads, after that the Crystal Wand (stimulating the prostate and then the tailbone internally, part of it you can manually press on the perineum), and then used the Prostate Cradle for a while and then I finally inserted the Aneros MGX. During that time, I watched porno and contracted. I later just listened to it. I could feel all of the sexual energy in my body. I had some spasms in different parts of the body, especially this and contractions in the abdomen. The abdomen kept getting this weird, tickly sensation and would sink in as if an invisible force were pushing my stomach toward the ground. My hips started bucking and thrusting a lot. I got a nice tingly feeling in my perineum. Then on and off for like 5 minutes my legs all of sudden started kicking and thrashing in the air faster than I’ve ever kicked before. I was then kicking at this speed in the fashion of lying down on my back peddling a bicycle and my feel peddling higher and higher into the air, my butt rising off the floor, nearly rolled backwards. I had hardly any control over this. I believe I was breathing feel hard during all this. I think I may remember something like my body involuntarily knocked me up to my knees and thrust my pelvis at the air a little as if I were having intercourse. I was in such an altered state of consciousness. My body kept getting thrown up in the air and falling down on the floor hard. It stopped and as soon as I was about to catch my breath, having no indication whatsoever, surprisingly, my body involuntarily threw me sideways to my left and my hands started slapping the floor hard sort of like on Donkey Kong Country when Donkey Kong does that squat down and slap the ground technique with his hands move to break the ground and find a bonus item. Boy, did I find a bonus item! My body kept throwing me around from side to side and up and down. I had to move to the guest bed to finish my session because I kept hitting the hard floor hard and my muscles were becoming fatigue. I finished off with a hands-free Super T after laying there nearly an hour moaning and panting and sweating in ecstasy from my prostate/perineum tingles and the nice feeling of all the fluid built up in there just dying for release. I think one of the things that helped me a lot is knowing I had no chance of being caught in the act. My breathing as much and as loud as I wanted and certainly of no interruption certainly helped me in getting somewhere. I didn’t have to worry about anyone listening to my sounds. I just let whatever sound come from myself that wanted to come out. I ended up vocalizing sounds I never thought I could make. Prior to that climatic moment it was like the entire session was building a bunch of energy and horniness to a big climax. Earlier that day it was like I had an instinct I would have some sort of climax out of this. I knew something big was going to happen. During the session I just told myself that I was going to take as long as I needed and not worry about any goals, just relax and enjoy and let it take me wherever. If something happens, it does; if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I was horny that day, not just regular horny, but Aneros horny. No sex or masturbation would satisfy that urge. I had this tickling feeling in my butt and I yearned to have the Aneros in it. There was another time when my friend was out of town that locked the house, locked myself in a bedroom, and then locked myself in the walk-in closet. No one could catch me in the act now. I laid there on the closet floor on a towel looking at my asshole in the mirror pumping in and out a Progasm and yelled as loud in pleasure as I wanted to. My face was all red and flushed. I spent hours of pleasure in that closet. It was so erotic. Once the Aneros is in you, it feels so good you don’t ever want to take it out. It feels so natural like its part of your anatomy.

For anyone who would like to tell the stories of their experiences, by all means, don’t be shy, please post them. For those of you who have good writing skills, please be as descriptive as possible. I want to help and educate other users and it can only happen if we all communicate with each other within the Super O Society and also answer unanswered questions on the forum or chip in with our experiences, opinions, and tips. Each and every one of us needs to do our part. Please tell me whether you’ve had any similar experiences or similar experiences happen to your body? Please be as detailed as possible. You can type your stories on Microsoft Word and copy and paste it in the forum or testimonials if you want to take more time to do it. I don’t know whether this article should go in the Testimonials or Forum, it seems to fit either/or so I figure I’ll paste it in both sections.