Wednesday Weirdness

Great week. Had an excellent three hour session Monday with the MGX. It climaxed with about an hour of really intense p-waves and dry-os. Although now, looking at the wiki, I think I might possibly be having super-os. They feel like full fledged orgasms, but they're not full body encompassing or taking me over the moon as I've seen described. Whatever they are, it's fantastic! Strangely I've never had any involuntary muscle movements.

An odd thing about this session is that it was so intense, it made me kinda disoriented the rest of the day. You know the feeling of butterflies in the stomach? This was butterflies going crazy in the stomach, intestines, colon, penis, etc. That along with shortness of breath and a more pronounced heartbeat. Really strange and exciting.

That out of the way, I decided to do sessions twice a week, after my Monday and Thursday showers. Thursday couldn't come fast enough, however. My prostate was all aflutter on Wednesday. Finally I couldn't stand it and put the larger Peridise in. Bizarrely, the sensations stopped. Once it was removed, the feelings came back! It felt so good when rubbing my "sweet spot."

The weirdest part came when going to bed Wednesday night. The fluttery feelings I'd been enjoying all day were coming to a head, so I laid on my left side and did some circular rubbing above the penis, the way I'd normally do so during a session. My body was doing some mighty weird things that night. I was getting some good Aneros-less p-waves going in a semi-sleepy state. Then my midsection was hit with a strange spreading feeling, not exactly sexual but very pleasurable and like NOTHING I've ever experienced before. It felt like my body was being transformed, or transported to a different state of consciousness. I got this wonderfulness going for about 5 minutes… then the damn cat jumped onto the bed and broke my concentration! Well, it was pure bliss while it lasted. What was that, a super-o?

Today (Thursday), I did another session with the MGX – but it was pretty dull. I couldn't get myself worked up much, and took it out after an hour. It got uncomfortable. After the heaven of the night before, I thought I'd have a great session. Guess my body was sated and didn't want any more. Will try again next week.