I Think I'm Getting the Hang of It

Today was my third session in five days. The first was fun, exciting and intriguing, but I finished not knowing whether to be thrilled or confused. I got an immediate hardon when inserting the Helix, but it came and went during my session. I read postings after the session and the recurring message was "be patient."

I did some more reading and practiced PC contractions while on my back. I felt more rushed this time, and didn't experience any different sensations.

Today, I tried two new positions. First on my side, and then on my knees with my pelvic thrusting forward as I practiced my PC contractions. I tried them slowly at first and then at greater intervals. I was so excited to see precum dripping off my cock. Again, my cock went from rock hard to soft. As I alternated the contractions I could feel a definite "warm" sensation. I body felt alive. I extended the session to prolong the pleasure, but had to unexpectedly bring it to a close when a contractor arrived to finish a home remodeling project.

I masturbated myself to an orgasm. The climax was a bit disappointing. I feel like I rushed the process. Plus I had read don't stimulate the penis, but I also read of people who completed their sessions with masturbating.

I will plan my next session to go longer without any unexpected visitors. Plus I want to keep my hands off my dick. The prostate sensations were wonderful, and the standard jerk off and climax was not as rewarding as I had hoped. There was lots of semen and it came in denser globs.