So much for abstinence.

On Wednesday evening I had another go, I simply had to. I guess I had a good session but I felt unsatisfied. A couple of dry-o's.

I must wait for my body to get ready, not insisting on getting the key to the big vibrating universe..

Well, Thursday morning i woke up early, and how do you spend an hour before you should get up? That’s right. Lube up and go. Again I was too ambitious and fell short. After 40 minutes I went to take a shower. And dancing to ‘Wake up and make love to me’ (Ian Drury) I came in a wonderful way. The shower beams touching my skin. I switched the shower to massage and let the powerful beam massage my lumber region i.e. lower back. That turned out to be the right thing to do, good things happened…

Friday my wife came home from the trip, and I was really trying to find a right time to tell her about Aneros. But I didn’t find the right time to do it. So we went to bed and slept as babies. In the morning I woke up early, and was lying thinking of what to say. And when K woke up, I started to tell that I too had been on a voyage. And then I told her about my adventures with Aneros. I was very anxious to hear her response, and it was positive, she congratulated me and was very happy for me. She wants to share the experience with me, but we have to wait until the mother in law has left. This will be on Monday.