Ticklish Affair

Greetings. Had an excellent session with the largest Peridise last night.

I didn't intend to drag out an Aneros again, but I was doing my usual rubbing and muscular squeezing and the p-waves kept getting stronger until I was in a horny state. I couldn't fall asleep like this! I fetched the largest Peridise in the beginniners set, since it was reliably comfortable (and I haven't had much luck with the smaller one). Ten minutes after insertion, my body alternated between mini-os and dry orgasms like some super sexed up roller coaster ride. No super-o this time, but it was very pleasurable. What made this session different was that I drank a cup of tea earlier that night and my bladder was full. It produced a fluttery, ticklish sensation that was wonderful. Pre-Aneros, I've noticed that you can get more sensitive ejaculations when you have to pee, but with the Peridise it took things to a new level.

This would be a good topic for the discussion forums. "Dry Os on a full bladder"? I love it!