5th Session

Hello Everybody…

I Decide to stop a little from aneros and 2 evening ago I decide to do my 5th Journey.
I Used the CD and the whole session was 2 hour lenght )or just a little bit more(.

I reach some small orgasm during the relaxation phase, i found my ano's and pelvic muscles contracting involountary: some small contraction with some very pleasant sensation that build my cock to rigid for 4-5 times: during this phase I felt my belly with hot and pulsating sensation.

I never start to have legs shaking, but all of this smooth sensation was very good to me.

I move myself from a back to left and right side a couple of time and reach orgasm with voice moaning another couple of time.

At the end I was tired and i decide to relax just a little bit before removing the aneros. So I decide to gently massage my ball and cock and…. I got legs shivering, whole anal and pelvic contraction and moaning, feeling my cock more rigid than ever, reaching 5-6 continuos orgasm and finishing with a long one big ejaculation. I didn't do a rush masturbation but only a couple of shaking and then I only rest my hand on it. Everything come from inside… was fantastic.

The day after )yesterday( I wake up with my legs and buttocks muscles tired just like after a session in the gym.

Yesterday evening I did a stop again, and this evening I will take my 6th Journey.

Keep in touch and wait for your comments to my journey.