The Wildness of Five Super-Os & a \\

Condom Lube + Maximus + Nipple Suckers + Pillow Hugging = Wildness

Sometimes just dumping several randomly selected kinks into the mixing bowl and stirring gently can yield amazing results. In this case, the 'yield' from the recipe was five Super-Os.

My introduction to nipple suckers had only been with Lady Vice and I'd wanted to try them without a vibe. Stepping into the shower, I found the threads stripped on the shower-shot nozzle. What to do? Messing with a bag or bulb over the toilet wasn't an attractive option so I though, "how about Condom Lube."

Having become more involved with Vice and now Helix-syn I'm a bit spooked by the thought of residual silicone oil in my ass. So, I've avoided Darwin's new Condom Lube routine. However, I had bought some Bare, un-lubed, oil-proof condoms recently. With no threat of silicone-lube my interest was spiked.

Instant plan. Condom lube with Vaseline & some I.D. Glide that I wanted to get rid of, a nice bulky tail-free Maximus and my new nipple suckers. Imagination at work! On to the shower for a nice scrub.

Thinking ahead to nip play, I put on a pair of Nitrile gloves to keep the greasy fingers issue at a minimum. Also had a mirror handy to avoid the Braille approach to finding the 'mouth' of the condom.

I used Darwin's revised procedure for Condom Lube. — — Light coat of Vaseline on the Maximus and sphincters, outside of the Condum greased with Vaseline, I.D. Glide on the inside of the condom then clear out all the air bubbles. A long but narrow 'anal explorer' rod was my 'insertion weapon' of choice. The whole ritual was one of those, "I feel female" moments…and I want this handful of stuff to f**k me and very nicely." OOOOOHHH!

With the help of the mirror I slipped Max into the slinky condom and, before I could get the gloves off and roll on to my side….

A wild mix of voluntary and involuntary contractions overtook the game. Maximus had gained the agility of a Eupho and I was probably getting the stim that many guys get from ICE. Off came the gloves.

P-waves were instantaneous. i flexed my thighs together and Max squirmed. I grabbed for my belly pillow and hugged it for comfort and reassurance. Anal contractions, Maximus thrusts and Dan Tien storm surges alternated in no particular sequence. The Dan Tien overload shot electrically upward to my Chest chakra, made a U-turn and forced itself into my pelvis igniting my entire genital complex. This felt a bit like the usual dry-O but was way more intense. I feared for a hfwo or worse. i let it run for maybe four seconds then pushed back. I wasn't leading my body. I wanted more but wanted it all including what I might get from the nip suckers. I kept pushing back against the Super-O, probably preventing a hfwo. I wasn't leading my body. I needed to move on with my plan but also needed to take charge of stimulation.

I fetched the nip-suckers from the night stand, waited for a calm in the storm and with two tries got them in place. Another OOOOHHH moment followed. Then, Max got busy again. Pecs shivered, Scapulars flexed to 'contain' the energy in my chest, Abs joined in with cycling contractions and I got a new lesson in Energy movement. Toe surge went straight to the crown chakra and I moved into the Celestial realm. That overpowered the sensations from my penis and PC group. My cup was filled. If this was the end of the session I would be pleased. Off came the nip suckers. But the Super-O continued to burn energy. It was like the launch of a ball onto the board of an old pin-ball machine. It would not stop until it ran it's own course and fell through the hole at the bottom of the board. I could only nudge the imaginary pin-ball cabinet and hope to avoid a TILT.

For the first time in my life I had experienced honest to goodness 'terror at the gates.' I recognized the intensity from prior Super-Os but this was different because it came on so quickly. The speed of onset and the acceleration made me unable to sense what was around the next corner. I had escaped from the craziness by removing the nip suckers and was now relaxed into the sweat of my bedding as the Super-O burned through energy.

I generated a third Orgasm with some KSMO-like growling and gentle finger stim of my nips. This was a bit more tame. The involuntary core contractions and moves arrived as powerful rolls of thunder rather than as bolts of lightening. As the chill from the ceiling fan beat down this third Super-O, I craved for another. I got my breathing organized and again encapsulated my nips in the small green-glowing wonders. I pushed back against the Orgasm that was growing in the core of my body. I focused instead on my tail-less Maximus. It was sucked deep into the Condom. The smooth nub had traveled way North resulting in an amazing amount of pure force against my prostate. I pushed back against the Orgasm.

There was no terror now. No collision yet. It was like that moment in wrestling or Martial Arts when two monster forces face off and stare at one-another without any movement. I eased off against Dame Orgasm and allowed her to advance. Maximus pressed harder. I realized that the Orgasmic force I was visualizing was actually Max getting sucked in further and compressing my Prostate. The fireworks burst forth into Super-O #4. Far more visual, more real, and less celestial than the first three. Now I was experiencing a static hard isometric contraction of the large skeletal muscles. A picture of Charles Atlas in one of his Dynamic Tension advertisements flashed through my mind. I'd think of this as my first, "Power Super-O" There were no shakes–just isometric cramps. Pain was fighting with pleasure. Pleasure won and I relaxed into the endorphin flood.

I stabilized my breathing, removed the suckers, and grunted downward to gently reposition Max's nub outside my sphincters. Again, the draft from the ceiling fan did some 'chill out' on my bod and brain. Lying there I was torn between living consciously in the moment for as long as I could or taking aim at another symphony of orgasm.

I was not to decide. Without the suckers, my abdominals made the decision. They contracted, my pelvis tilted, Max sunk deeper into my rectum and the slow build into an extended calm seas orgasmic state gradually fell over me like a soft blanket. The warmth between my scapulas was luscious. My brain generated slow swirls of visuals like pigments running into a can of white paint. There was no blending of the colors, just continuous swirls. I laid there for about five minutes internalizing the pleasure. I gently touched my nips and found them aglow with pleasure. I moved my wrists gently back and forth across my nips. My DanTien felt waves of the calm seas. I floated between being at one with my feelings and looking back at myself from an out of body perspective. … ummmm…