Mirror View

The other night I was chatting in the chat room with some people. Everyone was amazed at my progress as they read my blogs. I am too. I never thought I would get there so quickly. Anyway, another member and I were chatting away, I was about to sign off and hit the sack when he said he was going to have a session. Funny, because I was thinking about having my own before I went to bed. This would be interesting, I thought as he set up a private chat for us. he already to go, but I had to prep everything. I headed downstairs to the office with the laptop and preceded to get everything ready for action. Strip out of my clothes, lube Helix and myself with some Vaseline and Astroglide, spread out the towel, insert Helix and get into position over chair.
I was on my knees with my chest and arms rested on the seat of the chair, laptop on the desk in front of me, and start small contractions. My ass responds immediately by starting work it like no tomorrow. My cock responds by becoming fully engorged and rock hard. All is quiet on the chat for awhile…
Within about a half hour, my cock is leaking pre cum and the first waves of a mini O crash over me.
I try to keep up with the conversation but my mind and body are being overwhelmed by the powerful sensations created by the helix. They suggest to watch myself in a mirror. I grab one from the other room off the wall and position it so I can watch myself while sitting in the chair with my feet on the desk's edge. They follow suit doing the same thing. I sit in amazement watching my cock go from almost flaccid to slowly becoming totally erect without touching it at all. I try to angle myself so I can watch the helix flutter around in my ass. That is too hard to see while sitting down. I want to see, but I don't want to lose this feeling I'm having. My head tilts back as my whole body tenses up as a major mini O overwhelms me. I try to watch in the mirror but I am shaking too much. I don't want to knock the mirror off either! "are you getting strong involuntaries?" Um, yeah.. more than that… "oh my, I am leaking so much fluid" I watch in the mirror as a long thin trail of pre cum drips my engorged cockhead. My mind goes into overdrive of fatasizing of having someone suck my cock as my ass is controlled by the Helix. Images of verious women go through my head. I would just love to have those lips, mouth and tongue on my cock. their tits rubbing against my cock and balls, their long fingers plowing my ass, rubbing my prostate. I look in the mirror and my face is clenched as I feel my muscles tighten. I start to moan as I close my eyes and then a massive Super O hits me.
"Are you feeling good?" Oh yes, I am indeed…
They are happy to hear and be a part of it. So was I… What's next? webcam??
Enjoy? If so, please leave comments or send a PM. I like to hear from people about the journey..