Its all gone Dead. Not happy!

In my last post I said that the aneros action never stops, even while I was very sick!
Well while I was getting better I started getting horny again. I masturbated a number of times over a few days and then tried to have a aneros session a day later.
It was still very dull.
I left it another day and tried another session but then I found that the session was dead! Pretty much nothing at all.
I had another couple of sessions over a few days but all were dead.
All anerosless twitching during the day stopped as well for around a week.
Then all of a sudden the sessions started to improve then a bad one then better again.
I have found that I can not just lie there and let it happen any more, I have to do kegals and hold contractions to get any where now.
I also find that there is no use sleeping with the aneros anymore as the action stops if I am not holding contractions so whats the point?
Anyway I am just keeping on keeping on.