Photo sessions

Recently I have been wanting to view myself as I have my helix inserted and have a session. It is not particularly easy to try to hold a camera in one hand and, hopefully, get a decent shot! For the past couple of nights, I have just done that.
I grabbed my camera and headed for the basement office. I undressed and prepared myself and my helix for action. I inserted it and tried to relax and breathe slowly and deeply. After about thirty minutes of "doing nothing" my anus started to grind.
The sensations were nice and I was getting into the groove. I could feel my heartbeat quicken as I could feel my cock slowly become fully engorged and hard as steel. I wanted to snag some shots of this, so I reached out for my camera and did my best to get my ass with my helix in it and my hard cock in the shot at arm's length behind me. I took some shots but when I looked at them after, I noticed that I got more of the lens cap, camera strap and floor then of me. I placed it on a couple of boxes and then hit the shutter button. Much better results, but I needed the flash on. All the while I'm doing this my hands are still somewhat smeared with lube and thus the camera is getting covered by it too!
All of this starting and stopping and back and forth, is starting to take the edge away from the session. I need to find a way to make taking pictures more "hands free" too! Ah ha, the self timer mode! That's the ticket!!
I look down and see that my cock has started to leak some pre cum fluid. I aim the lens to get some shots of that and of multiple views of my rock hard cock. I use the pre cum as a lube as I start to stroke my cock. I can feel the helix press against my prostate as I do this. I can tell that within moments I will be cumming. I place the camera in front of me to capture the moments as the first spurts of cum start shooting out of me. I click away as cum shoots out of my cock. I clean up and head upstairs to check out the pictures.
I become aroused as I look at myself in the throes of orgasm. They are pretty erotic…
Now, if I could only make some videos…
Say Cheese!! Click!
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