Too long

It has been some time since my last GOOD session. My sessions prior to the other night have been utter duds. It felt like I went back to square zero, do not pass go and do not collect $200. Sometimes they would start really strong and just fizzle out for whatever reason. I would just end it frustrated and lost. This went on like this for almost a month. I would try to have good sessions, but everything would not gel like it did before.
That all changed the other night…
I got myself prepped and got in my usual position of on my knees with my chest and arms resting on the seat of an office chair. With my helix and me properly lubed with Astroglide and Vaseline, I plugged in and let things happen as they may. I slowed everything down and took long deep breaths. I started some small contractions to get things going. My ass responded by taking deep and hard strokes of the helix in and out of my ass. I could feel my pspot getting hit the right way. My cock started to become erect, I could feel the skin stretching as it became fully engorged. I could feel my heartbeat pulsate throughout my body from head to toe. I started to utter small moans of ecstacy as the helix tickled my prostate. Oh what would I do to have another mouth, pair of hands or tits, or a nice firm ass to fuck as I writhe away with my helix controlling me. I reached down and collected the precum leaking from my cock and licked it off my fingertip. Oh how my cock ached. I just wish someone was there to help me release. My ass was totally getting pounded at a feverish pace.
I could feel the oh so familiar wave of a mini O rush through me. I was really moaning now. My body jolted. My legs and arms started to shake. This was it… I took one final deep breathe and clenched my eyes shut. Prepare to landing… I am cumming….. woah….