Nice improvements!

* Warmth/tingling in abdomen. )Including outside of sessions(
* Waves of pleasure breezing over.
* Short on breath – quick, aroused breathing.
* Didn't need nipple stimulation.

My previous posts were overly negative, but as the title suggests – something has changed, and for the better.

I had a session last week, feeling aroused after abstaining from masturbation. To my dismay, nothing really happened. Maybe just bad luck or did I forget something?

Couple of days back, I tried again, this time really working on the basics of contracting + inhaling. Things clicked again when I focused on where the Aneros was, and what it was doing. Arousal crept back and I was relieved!

I guess the device really is a method of focusing your mind on the right places, since I tried stroking various areas around my body and the sensations really can grow from this; never realised what a tantric experience it is.

Probably the best thing to happen ever was outside the session )big developments usually are(. Last night whilst in bed I decided to try something different – where I look at erotic imagery or think it in my mind, I speak out in a soft mumble what the key features are.

Dick became rock-solid, and p-waves were flourishing. It was so surprising! Never felt so orgasmic before. Decided to then try narrating what was happening with myself – it got me so aroused, I crunched as my abdomen tensed like never before. Huge pleasure wave washed me over and left bewildered.

It was after this that something changed my abdomen area, even as I write this. There's this pleasure constantly tickling that part of the body, particularly as I breath normally. It's feels so weird, but no doubt great. Doing relaxed, deep breathing sends my dick into an immediate boner.

Because of so much text, here's the run-down of why it happened:
* Use of voice effected the diaphragm, and thus the abdomen.
* Focused on imagination of being fingered.
* Kept the breathing semi-consistent.
* Jumped between different fantasies in my mind.

These four things kept the arousal )and p-waves( going and building. Concentration and focus really is a key factor and that night got it into my head very well. Logically, I guess the voice kept the abdomen at bay )It stiffens when aroused, thus stagnating the flow of pleasure(. Vocalising things really changed a lot.

It feels awesome, like I've gotten rid of this stiff, iron wall that blockades the free-flow of sensation. However, given my past instances of discovering something – it typically only lasts a week before going back to square one. I don't hold much hope that this 'de-armoring' of sorts with my abdomen will be long lasting but I'll see.

The session this morning ran off my already perked arousal from before. …or since last night, actually. I just kept getting stiff boners and p-waves, so I got little sleep.

It was a nice session, some parts are already skipped – but it was more or less the discoveries I learnt with use of the voice and adapting it to the MGX. It wasn't better or worse than last night, but it did pump the arousal a bit better. I still feel I'm missing the point with prostate/anal stimulation but I tried. It just didn't lend anything better than breathing and moaning. Saying that, frequent use should bolster things and keep the ball rolling.