Long night

This past weekend I had the pleasure of having the house all to myself. I got home from work around 4am after another twelve hour day at work. I upstairs to take a nice long, hot shower. After that, I laid out a towel on the bed, turned on some "mood" lighting and prepped myself and my helix with a copious amount of Vaseline and Astroglide and plugged in. I lay on my left side with my right knee raised up towards my chest slightly and just relaxed, letting the session take my where ever it wanted to go. I drifted off to a state of nothingness and let the helix take me away. I started to pul some light to medium contractions and I could feel my cock starting to swell and become fully engorged. Damn, this is a good start, I thought to myself. That was just the beginning.
After awhile I began to feel the helix dancing all along my anal canal and become totally entrenched along my prostate. It sent shivers all throughout my body. The helix was my master and I was it's slave. I had no choice, it took control of me and I knew the destination would bring me untold amounts of pleasure. I could feel my toes starting to curl up and my legs and torso involuntarily move to harness more pleasure as my master spanked my prostate hard and fast. My cock was so engorged that it was almost starting to hurt. I could feel a trickle of precum leaking onto my leg as I curled tighter into a ball. I could feel my heart beating all throughout my body, blood pumping fast. My master had total control of me, there was no turning back. I imagined my mistress was a buxom brunette with long brown hair, hot red lips, bright blue eyes, and hourglass shaped body. She was wearing black high heels with back fishnet stockings, black skirt and a black bra that barely contained her 38DD breasts. She was just hovering all around me. I could feel her hot breath on the back of my neck as she whispered dirty talk in my ear. She hiked up her skirt to show me her sopping wet, shaved pussy as she inserted a finger deep inside and started to finger herself. With her other hand she unhooked her bra and unleashed her beautiful tits. She started to circle her nipples with free hand and pushed it up to her mouth so she could suck on them. She reached down to my engorged cock and wiped the leaking precum from the head and licked it clean. She wouldn't let me touch her until I came hard.
My ass was totally grinding away. I wasn't even trying to control it. I could feel my legs really starting to shake and then my arms. My body started to flail all about and my moans got louder as the Super O was building. It was here. I let out one long groan and a FUCK as the most incredible Super O washed through me from head to toe. Exhausted, I pul the covers over me and fell asleep with my helix sti inside of me…. Until the next day…