Wife is away let the marathon begin.This is the first time in years when desire, opportunity and freedom have converged. Big snow storm,wife in Florida nothing pressing to do. In my life this was a rare opportunity.Started on Monday reading porn with helix syn in 2 hrs. just lounging. Shifted to progasm and listened to some hemisync music.Felt like progasm was moving with the ease of my helix.Prostate aching went into similar spasms as previous entry just a few days ago.My whole perineum was rocking sending sensations all over.I had enough got up had some dinner went to bed. Next day again some porn to ramp up took dog for walk but not before putting helix syn in. The sensation was awesome after several sessions of length the past days my anal canal was looser and the up and down action of helix while walking was more than I could handle cut walk short and laid down again with progasm for an couple of hrs. This slothing stuff is radical.Session not as dramatic as day before but very satisfying with major body waves and prostate responding and getting a major work out. Next day had chores get some wood in and clean up the place.I was giving a Jin Shin Jyutsu energy session for a friend at 6pm Laid down with just pro-ice for 2 hrs. All the previous sessions have been tied together with major dry o's and echoes every time I put my legs together or think of previous sessions.This time I placed my hands on certain energy locks and my whole experience widened and deepened. My whole presence was electric and dancing with the pulses radiating from my perineum and penis. All these days no hard on or ejaculation. Some soft precum releases but avoided ejaculation.I also need to mention the effectiveness in KSMO during all of this to re-engage rounds and rounds.Went to energy session with client and meeting after. The energy session went fine but amplified my already expanded state, by the time I went to take notes at meeting I had a hard time to write.I was so internally charged that all I could do was scribble!This lasted for about a half hour as my taking minutes began to improve and an hour later I was fine.I was feeling so charged I stayed up to the early morning watching movie but I knew I had reached my limit. Slept a good 8 hrs. Today I had no desire to repeat,I am totally satiated.My perineal area is glowing and I feel internally charged with no congestion anywhere.This has been a major breakthrough on many levels for me. The effects of the marathon should last till the wife gets home just 2 days from now but I can't wait to be all over her.