Sitting Multiple Orgasms


A very strange session. I started it as usual and I decide to use Rice Oil as internal prelube (instead of Olive Oil), and I found it amazing: it gives a great mobility to the device. On the SGX i used the Shea Butter. I used it also on the external ring of the anus.

I was lying on the bed on my back and I completely relaxed. I breathed as usual, trying to never hold my breath during inhale and exhale phases. I could feel so clearly this time the action of the aneros on the prostate and this has caused a lot of leaking precum: that has raised a lot my excitement levels.

During the higher peaks my breathing and heartbeat quickened. After more than an hour of interesting feelings I decided to stop and go wash: and this is where the journey begins.

With the aneros inserted yet I sat on the bidet, I opened the water and began to wash the penis in a very sweet and without the intention of being a wank.

My anus has started to throb and a series of convulsions began to prevail over what I did. I stopped and put right hand on the abdomen and the left on the right nipple, starting to caress me. Felt more and more strongly the prostate, throbbing and a sensation of hot and cold that spread along the thighs and over my back.

The breath was deeper and I began to squirm and vocalize in an uncontrolled manner: first orgasm was slowly coming. With my eyes closed I collapsed forward, with my arms resting on the wall leaving me so long to go to a first orgasm. I thought I was over but a series of involuntary abdominal spasms and increased breathing rate led to a second and third and maybe even fourth orgasms. They were so close together or overlapped one to another which have not been able to feel them all. I was not even in a position to get a count: I was completely overwhelmed by what was happening to me.

And after all this series went, I was exhausted. It was as if a tornado had hit me. I sat for a few minutes and I could feel my anus which continued to pulsate very strongly. The pulse became more spaced up to a complete stop.

Looking back after a few days, I think this was my personal first experience of Super-O. And it was an amazing experience.

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