Discovery and Background

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to share a little background in case it helps others. I think the blog is a fantastic way to share the journey and hopefully get feedback and support during the process.
A little about me. I am married and in my late 30s. Up until a six months ago I probably masterbated 3-5 times a day. I was in between jobs and my wife was working so it was a way to pass the time. I am average height and build.
I have been sexually active since the age of 5 when I discovered my mom's back massager. I was sexually abused but I blocked that out from long ago and have no desire to open that door anymore. I am who I am and live for today forward. I think I would classify myself as bisexual but it in very specific circumstances. I don't see a guy and say, "Wow, I'd love to get a piece of that". It is pretty much limited to transsexuals and domination/cuckold fantasies. I read tons of erotica, much of it dark and delicious. I could give guided tours of and several other free, safe sites for porn tubes. After a few viruses, I am pretty careful about where I surf for my porn. I am going through the initial stages of a divorce so the Aneros experience is something that I save for myself. It is my wonderful journey of discovery.
Five years ago, I started my Aneros experience. I was young, dumb, and full of cum and loved to stick anything up my ass. I may have read the instructions but most likely I just lubed it up, shoved it in my ass, and proceeded to jerk off. It is a fine prostate stimulator but I now feel that I had unknowlingly bought the finest engineered car in the world and kept it in my garage except for an occasional run to the grocery store with it. I originally bought a SGX and a Classic, I believe. They both have ribbed stems.
On Wednesday, I Googled hands-free orgasm and discovered the Aneros forums. I was shocked. What had I been missing these past years?
Anyhow, one other note is that I had pelvic hernia surgery on the left side in May and they cut a major nerve intentionally in the process )the doc said I wouldn't miss it(. I hope I don't.
Thanks for reading,