My First Session is a Disaster

My first session iss a disaster. I lubed up with 3ml and didn't use an enema. I feel like I read a book on swimming, aka the Forums, and then decided to jump off a boat in the middle of the lake.
It started fine. Relaxed breathing. Can't get the hang of stomach breathing. Tried it on my back and on my side. Damn dick keeps touching the bed on my side and I am trying not to have any penile stimulation. I feel nothing in my prostate.
Then I started some contractions. I can't differentiate the different muscles so every time I do a contraction I am using the muscle group that also makes the penis jump around. I get a hard-on. Now I am trying to breath, do contractions, and feel something…anything really. I am trying to pound the Aneros in my ass as if it was some hot tranny cock.
I have a Sybian and have used it before for incredible stimulation and the Aneros isn't doing anything for me. I also have a dozen e-stim toys that create fantastic experiences but nothing like a Super-O as it is described.
I spend the 4 hours practicing my breathing and trying hard to relax and practice what I read in the forums. I am struggling. I want the Super-O so bad. It is true that time flies. Four hours passes like nothing. I wish I had more to show for it. Thank God I don't start a new job for a couple weeks.
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