Disappointment, Attitude, and Keeping a Journal

Hi Everyone,
So after a great, mind-blowing session on Monday I was ready to make Aneros practice a part-time occupation. Monday night I tried a short session and it was disappointing. Tuesday I spent 3 hours in a session and it was okay after I stopped trying to recreate the perfect conditions I experienced on Monday, but it was more of a relaxing session more than anything else.
My attitude had changed a bit. Now that I knew what was possible, I wanted it all the time. I think that was where things fell apart. Instead of just enjoying whatever might happen in the session, I had changed my goal. I also know that I was really tired. Lack of sleep over a week of Aneros practice was hurting me. I could still function, but I became more ill-tempered and this added stress to my emotional well being.
Tuesday night, I was just worn out. I didn't even attempt to use the Aneros and instead watched a little porn, jerked off in the old traditional way, and headed to bed. I felt burned out a little. I knew I could sleep in the next day and that helped.
Unfortunately I dreamt of a zombie apocalypse of all things, but I did wake up early and helped my wife off to work and then headed back to bed for a couple hours.
As I lied in bed, for the first time since I started I felt my prostate actually calling to me. It was weird. Without anything inserted, I was on my back and knees up and started some gentle contractions and breathing. The feeling around my prostate got stronger. I also began to feel something else. It may have been my first p-waves. The only analogy that I could come up with at the time was being inside a giant speaker in a music concert. When you are close to a speaker you can more than hear the music, you can feel it. Certain tones and sounds create a vibration inside your body at regular intervals. That is what it felt like.
I imagine I will see how things go today. I want to encourage my prostate to communicate with me and I now have a much greater appreciation for the guys on the Forums who suggest taking a little break. I had been practicing every waking moment and many moments when I should have been sleeping. I had been giving my prostate a ton of attention–maybe too much. Loving yourself is a two-way street and maybe Lady Aneros had spoiled my prostate. By taking even a day off caused some interesting changes.
I never was a journal or diary guy. However, when I wanted to lose weight, I kept a journal. I lost 95 pounds on that journey. I think the blog option here on the Aneros website is a really smart thing. If you don't want to post publicly, then keep a notebook journal at home. It continues to help me track my progress.
As always, back to the Forums.