New Experiences

I began using the aneros, Helix Syn, at the end of April. Someone had told me about the great powers and experience they were having with the aneros and I figured I would give it a shot. Before I bought it, I watched some pretty phenomenal videos online that users had posted and decided that I would like to be in on the action. Long story short I bought the Helix Syn, came home, sat right down on my bed immediately, and began to use it as if it were any other sex toy. As I know now this is no toy like any other. I've tried to use it off and on with varying degrees of success of the last several months…. until two nights ago.

For the first time in a while I had a completely free afternoon. So I thought I would try my best to give the aneros another go. I was feeling aroused but not particularly like I wanted to jack off or have sex so this seemed like a very good time. Milestone. I slipped the aneros in and decided to just follow more closely a "do nothing" pattern for now. I would keep the toy in for a while, become aroused but focus on my prostate entirely and not my penis. This helped tremendously and after about :45 of having the aneros pressing against the wall of my prostate I began to feel it there. I felt the pressure and then I began to feel it move, I was not controlling the anal contractions but they began very slowly and within the next ten minutes or so I had much more sensation. Within the next half hour my ass was buzzing, a constant pleasurable aching similar to that feeling just before the release of an orgasm when your breath halts and you KNOW it's coming. I was intrigued by how this was not subsiding, it simply continued.

After a few minutes of this I began to the aneros sliding, up and down, more violently this time, almost like I was going to lose it and then it would come rocketing back into me with great pressure. This was a fantastic feeling, I loved it. It was a pulsating wave of sensation, lessening and freeing as the aneros moved down followed then by intensely tightening and ever more increasing pressure. Still no orgasm at this point, but I am not surprised knowing me. Shortly after this the involuntary movement started; my legs were twitching and quivering and moving together and apart on their own. I was lying on my stomach at this point and they would move together and apart and then kick etc… I woke up with a bruise on my chin.

After another ten minutes or so of this I felt a quickening of the aneros and the tightening continued until my ass contracted and held the aneros in place very tight. The pleasure was amazing and I could very clearly make out definite pulsations deep within me. After a minute or so of the intense feeling my muscles relaxed and I could feel the session was coming to an end. I removed the aneros and went to bed very satisfied.

I can tell that there is a huge disconnect you must make in your mind between an orgasm followed by ejaculation and one the merely exists and occurs within yourself. These are more at the base of your pelvis. I learned over the course of the session to focus on those pleasures and quickly, the pleasure experienced by my penis became less and less important. The next day my prostate was still buzzing and I had increased feeling all around it. The ultimate part of this is that I now have sensation upon immediately inserting the aneros. Yesterday I was very aroused and decided to give it a quick go just to see what would happen. Upon immediately inserting it I felt the pressure, the full heaviness against my prostate and base of my pelvis. I almost couldn't make it to the bed in time, every movement was filled with immense pleasure and I was having pleasure waves very quickly. The session was not as successful as the night before but that breakthrough alone was worth it.

Still new to this, if anyone has any recommendations on how to continue from here, or tips of the trade I would certainly welcome them. I am very excited about this new endeavor… still working on reaching greater experiences with the aneros.