Dirty talking helped!?

* Session had vague sensations but wasn't going anywhere
* Semi-forced anal contractions 2 hours in began creating sensations
* When a lot of arousal built up, began dirty talk began happening in my mind
* Out of body experience occurred when dirty talk kept going
* Sweet vibes in abdomen and anus afterwards

The session clarified some loose ends on how the Aneros works, though I say this in loose a way as possible. I'd like to think I'm inching ever closer towards understanding how the device works, but I frankly just do not know anymore at this stage.

Jumping into the session, I worked on understanding the unique feelings I get with the Aneros. On a semi-conscious level I do this every time, but that night I wanted to try and define the two separate aspects of MMO: general and Aneros. Anyone reading this will already state that MMO and Aneros go hand-in-hand. Yeah, I guess – but it's been a sticking point to me that a lot of great developments I achieve with the Aneros are actually pleasures that can be replicated outside of sessions. To me, this does not ring any bells that I'm utilising the Aneros for what it's worth.

Digression aside, I wasn't hitting any of the same sensations before like the blog entry a week or so ago. This wasn't going to put me off, though. Whatever sensations I could get, I'd relax and enjoy. But then another layer of disconcertion had suddenly sunk in; maybe I'm not feeling any pleasures of last year because my body adapted to them? They have numbed away, so to speak – with my internal senses now use to them. It'd explain the instances of duds and plateaus that users can run into. Even the latter can occur in body building when the body adapts to the stress and tension subjected to the person. Saying this, some nice feelings did occur when trying some new positions like standing or kneeling upright.

When the clocked ticked in at 1:30am, I was dozy, floating through bouts of sleep. By 3:10am it was time to call it a night. I wasn't going to bother removing the Aneros since my eyes were so heavy, but decided it was for the best. As I was standing, though, the faint pleasures from before were still emanating. Pausing, the brain pondered on whether or not to see if things could still develop. Often the Aneros comes out regardless. But there were still some distinct feelings, albeit weak, strangely had enough presence to warrant some more time – and chance.

I let the sensations carry themselves yet accepted the fact it'll peter out in seconds as tonight was showing. They carried on, staying within level. They were diminishing slower by the minute. Something was clicking now, but what was it? What's happening that's causing this? My brain began thinking back to previous sessions for any clues – mood, weariness, arousal, strokes, anything.

Impatient, one last approach was made to developing arousal and making the Aneros do its magic: I somewhat forced large strokes. And that did it – it was working! Slowly and surely, arousal was building. I focused on the warm, encompassing feelings of the strokes. Strong anal contractions must of helped me become aware once more of the Aneros movements like before – normal, involuntary ones weren't cutting the mustard.

Climbed back onto the bed, now breathless from the surges of fiery pleasure building within my abdomen. And now something occurred that has happened three times before, and all three lead to thunderstorms of p-waves; my arousal got so high that dirty talk began kicking in again. I began imagining that someone (-thing?) was inducing all the sensations to me, and speaking to me in a seductive way what she/it/he was doing. It was erotic fantasy pushed to a whole damn new level. My mind just did this without me having to make it – it was somewhat involuntary, and I failed to note this last time.

The dirty talk built the pleasure so much, an anal contraction of maximum strength was held for a good 30 seconds – the body squirming and rattling like mad. Then for the next 10 seconds, it was nuts. Gradually…I felt disconnected from my body. My mind felt as if it was outside of it. Seriously! The feelings all swelled into my pelvic region, everything else in my body was numb for those 10 seconds. It was genuinely magic, and fucking horny. Pleasure waves kept on coalescing like an energy-generator going out of control. I wouldn't mind if the whole thing went off, of course.

I've heard users mention that odd 'floating' experience before, though I never thought I'd experience it too. After it subsided, the first thought to hit me was "Yup, okay, there was near a Super-O" It felt like floating up near the gates of heaven. Given the numbing effect, I sure hope I wasn't actually dying.

It WAS the dirty talk, though. I blogged about this back in December, where it wasn't even in a session – nor was there any erogenous touching. Back then, I didn't know that was even dirty talking – but ever since I frequently used aspects of it to no avail. I can't believe this, in any case. As effective as that was, I'm assuming it's something that occurs as a result of arousal already built up. Dirty talk doesn't provide arousal, it's the result of. I can't just use it to sprint back to this point. However, it still does seem to be the bridge that carries my arousal to the next level rather than plateauing it.

The feelings in my stomach are sweet and warm though – just like how I felt the following day in December. It's too bad I'll be having some crazy-mad refractory periods now.